Daily Archives: January 9, 2014

…Like a child


I have always wondered why child-speech is regarded as gibberish. Interestingly, listening to the children around me talk, I have gained more wisdom, laughed hard and long, pondered and wondered about their pure/unadultrated way of thinking in all its innocence! I have come to a conclusion…don’t be quick to shut them up…they are entitled to their opinions and their voices need to be heard too. Apart from building their confidence, it will teach you a thing or two and you will become a child again (in a good way).

Join me as we share some fun experiences I have had conversing with the children around me.

Pronunciation Class: Mirror or Minorr

Every time Earl saw the mirror, he will say innocently and with conviction ‘Minorr’. Imani, King and I are forever correcting him ‘Mirror!’  and he will shout back (as if correcting us ‘Minorr’). We will laugh and plead with Imani to leave him alone as with time, he will say the right thing…but she never lets it pass.

One of the occasions, he said Minorr and when Imani corrected him, the following ensued:

It’s not Minorr, its Mirror!

Why are you saying Minor? It’s M-i-n-oo-rr! Rrrrrrr….the sound of an Elephant he replies with finality.

Weeks later, he started pronouncing it ‘Mirror’ and when we want to poke fun at him, we reply ‘Minorr’ and he’ll walk over to you and smack you (with his chubby fingers) and say, don’t say ‘Minorr’, it’s ‘Mirror’!