Daily Archives: January 10, 2014

Receiving King Earl


The period of pregnancy and child-birth is something I’ve always wondered about…If the foetus could speak to our hearing, what would he/she say (or them as the case may be). With this in mind, I decided to become one and imagine what was going on in their minds while in the womb. Using a real life situation, before my son came out after full term, (the different movements and reactions when someone or something was close by)I wrote this as a reminder to what they do in their world.

King Earl

Through my sojourn in watery interiors
In between flights from food and exteriors
At quiet times and when her voice rose in prayers
Or when Dad’s hand patted my head ridding fears
I counted minutes, days, weeks and coming months
Not like I’m going anywhere in a hurry on 2nd thoughts

I’ve waited for the months to march slowly on
I’ve played, stretched, learnt songs and had fun
My nails are formed, eyes sparkle – I must look suave
So when are the guys coming for me? I’m a must-have!
Yet, I linger on, a day. Two days! It’s past due season
I feel her tremor but hold on for obvious reasons!

Free at last! Born with all eyes and little flesh
I’m hungry Mum! What’s for lunch?! Say the grace!
Surely you must know the delayed flight made me so
I’m here now and daily looking every inch as I know
Cute, calm, collected and full of divine gait
All rise and hail King Earl the Great!