Daily Archives: June 5, 2014

Sing along?


thsi wass yesterday’s challenge and i didn’t do it, not because i didn’t want to but i guess i got too busy…beside i#m having fun laughing at myself and all the jargons i’m writing down here….whoever heard of writing and not cancelling or editing. it’s crazy but i kinda like it.

now to my 3 favourite songs…mmmmmh i’m not sure hwagr they are but i know i love jazz, blues (back in scholl) it must have been the poppy love thingy…growing up and thinking the world was ifilled with roses only, just to deiscover that they were thorns too. wow! thorns!!! mum never warned me about that. like i was saying before i digressed. i love jazz, blues and some what slow songs…i love listening to instrumentals but whic of the genre do i like the most…not sure…which song in particular…not sure too. as i can sing a whole lot of songs.

for me, music comes handy when i’m sad or trying not to say what i really whant to say so i don’t hurt you…more like a getaway place…a room for escape. i love muisic generally though (sadness aside). been writing for quite a while now and its not yet 15 mins…you’ll never know time can be so slow if you are writing without editing but itf i had to go through each line and edit…i’ll still be on my first paragraph.

i love good songs…will i tell you the lyrics no! as i’m yet to make up my mind on it. i guess i’m tired already. it doesn’t ake any sense just writing for writing sake…who does that?! i just did. hoping you’d make sense out of all this.

if you ever want to find me when i’m in my alone-place, come to where the music is on…you’d meet me tehre or my soul dancing away, noddi ng to the beats or tapping my feet to the trhythm…cos where the somngs are there i am!