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I don’t know why, but God just keeps blessing me with people with similar names. Most people feel enriched by the bulk of money in their account, or their ability to reel out verbose words to the discomfort and confusion of their listeners and many other reasons. But my wealth beyond my love for books mostly resides in people. By that I mean my relationships and the ability to keep them alive (on both ends) despite all our struggles during the process.

He comes at you as simple and easy to work with…an ex-colleague once called me “an eager beaver” that I was always ready to help but I think that description fits him aptly. His willingness to answer every plea for help makes you wonder if his clock reads 48 hours rather than the 24 that others have. And being a ‘November’ person, passion becomes him. This same passion transcends his work, his relationship with friends and family to his love for God! Whilst others chase after what young men love, he chases the Giver and like the Bible says, those things chase and overtake him. This in no way mean that he is without them, but the good stays and the rubbish continues to where it belongs (the bin).

Like I told you earlier, I studied him from afar and wasn’t disappointed when we became friends only more enlightened that this easy-to-be-with person studied some uptight course like Law! He should have been a painter …but then that accounts for his inability to explore colours. Don’t get me wrong, I have met lawyers that make the colour wheel seem bland (like Glowreeyah and Udiilaw). He will sue me when he reads this but I have a few lawyers too to plea my defence. For an always serious-looking person, the passion that diffuses when he’s talking about his favourite team ‘Arsenal’ is overwhelming. His belief in his team is like a marriage bond…for better for worse, in sickness and health kind of thingy. Here is one place we are on different time zones as I am forever hollering for Manchester United (even when I can’t list 5 of its team members)…my choice is based on association by marriage. 🙂

It’s not always been a jolly ride between us…a few brushes with the law (that’s my law by the way) and I’m so not talking to him despite his well-executed defence but like all good friendship, those ‘fights’ don’t last a day. I sometimes worry why a word you rarely find in his dictionary is ‘No’; but he says ‘as long as he can handle it, it is okay’. Okay!!? Have I talked about his love for love? It must be a November-thing but he is totally committed to what and who he loves. He is a rare find and a friend indeed.

A Lovers’ Tiff


Writing 101, Day Seven: Give and Take
Focus today’s post on the contrast between two things. The twist? Write the post in the form of a dialogue.

Tugging at her shoes as she pulls them off with more energy than necessary, ‘I’m upset with you!’

Continuing nonchalantly browsing on his phone, he pretends not to hear her. ‘I’m sure she calm down if I don’t utter a word,’ he says to himself keeping up with the pretence.

‘Baby, I said (she emphasises) I’m upset with you’, this time staring at him with eyes blazing hot from anger.

He reaches to touch her hands. She snatches it away. Pulling himself forward, he begins to massage her shoulder and breathe gently down her ears. Thinking to himself this usually works. Shrugging him off sharply Valerie gets up from the bed. Strolls two steps away from him and with her back against the wall, the words just tumble out as the tears drop without stop.

‘How dare you! How dare you, play your usual games on me after what you just did? Of all the girls in the world Henry it had to be my baby sister!’ she sobbed loudly.

‘Honey,’ he stammers ‘we were just chatting and there’s nothing more to it or can’t I talk with your sister anymore?’

‘Liar,’ she interjects. ‘Hold it there young man and why am I even listening to you?! She exclaimed incredulously. With that she picks a flowery blouse from the arm chair, her pair of jeans from the dresser, some dresses that were in the wardrobe. Bending over him to reach for her jewelleries that lay on the other side of the bed, he grabs her enfolding her into a hug. She beats at him with everything she had gathered initially, screaming at the top of her lungs to be set free.

‘I can’t take this anymore, no matter how hard I try, you just won’t stop! From one lady to the other?! I’ve had enough.’

Usually given to much speech, it seems Henry’s oratory prowess failed him that cold windy day. Valerie had been good to him, having sustained him through the traumatic period he crashed his car, lost his job and was practically a wife. For him, that was the problem, as he needed to explore a bit! But how do you push away such a kind-hearted person he battled with the thoughts.

Based on this need, he had decided to ‘chase’ her sister so as to put her off and it worked. But watching her hurt deeply was too much for him to bear. ‘Don’t go,’ he pleaded, ‘Please forgive me.’

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