Daily Archives: September 11, 2014

Remembering 911


13 years today… something caught the world’s attention.

It wasn’t football, or a celebrity birth. It wasn’t something trivial but GRIEF… a grief that spread around the globe, dressed in every colour of the world. Every skin tone, flag, country, tribe and tongue had its’ representative …hmm.

You and others have gone for 13 years now, though I promised to update you every year, I didn’t… because life happened and I got busy. It in no way belittles your memory or those of other lives that went with you. So today I’m keeping that promise.

Did the world get better…I don’t think so, perhaps technologically. Has the sun stopped shinning? No way! Sometimes it is scorching. It rains too much these days, we pray we don’t get carried away by floods (which is happening in other areas though).

Today I remember, the reason I made a promise to always hug a lot more, listen to God’s spirit within me, make peace and not war… as all we truly have sometimes is the ‘Present’ (and this is a gift). In remembering 911, I celebrate the gift called ‘Life’, the lives of the HEROES 911 represents and their families who have carried on living.

…continue to RIP.