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911 collections 1

My cousin, Ini used to live in Nigeria at some point (she was older than me). Two things I remember about her were that she was prime and proper. While we sat at the table eating and getting excited, she faced her food, ate daintily and didn’t speak till she was done. And when she did, it was because she was spoken to.

We called her mum ‘Aunty Ibadan’ (because they lived in Ibadan at the time) and Ini could speak Yoruba fluently.  Ini left Nigeria and vowed never to return because she had taken some entrance exams, passed very well but rather than give her admission into University, the person in charge wanted to have his way with her before assisting. she never got over that shock.  I’m not sure she came visiting anymore. As I didn’t see her again but I knew she didn’t get married either…got consumed with work and God.

When she passed on, my mum was really sad and she blamed our educational system (that evil man) for sending Ini (and indeed other bright minds) away with their lecherous behavior. Since September 11th I have written series of poems about it. Though I didn’t maintain that habit every year, I never forgot.


Dawn broke out with promise
…A promise that the sun will shine through
Or perhaps it will rain after the dew
…Promise of dates not to miss
And links we need to keep
Dawn awoke and time kept its’ tick.

September 11th
The day nations stood still
…And hearts ceased to beat
Buildings came tumbling and crashed upon the dreams
Hopes were dashed as glasses flew
Potentials buried as the heat grew.

May be some knew
And never said
But as blood flowed
United we prayed
Hoping against the unseen
That someone we love survived the scene.

Wishing they had gone minutes later
Thereby missing the burning towers
Wishing we had loved them better
And hugged a little longer
Wishing we knew
…And halted the true.

It was someone’s birthday
Or perhaps 2 became 1 that day
Someone else remember with hurt
A loved one that never returned
However you choose to view
It’ll always be true
That September 11th
Will never be forgotten.

In memory of my cousin
and others that didn’t say good-bye

© 2001 Frances Kelvin Otung


It’s true
Families were torn apart
With deep pains in every heart.
It’s true
Every tongue and tribe
Had a reason to cry
It’s true
The wounds of yesterday
Had refused to die.

There was a bond after the bomb
…A peace beyond all storms
A unity that brought divinity
Dispatching balms and healing hearts.
A unity that brought us longing
Reaching out to the rest more loving.

A year is gone now
…We made it through somehow.
Thought it will always hurt
Let each new day tear down the walls
So we can see beyond the fall
The flowers that have sprout.

Believing that this newness of life
Will wither all strife
And keep us on our feet
Giving the devil sweet defeat.
‘Cos painful it’s true
Yet God still rules and our aches to remove!

© 2002 Frances Kelvin Otung

By imanikel

...a fresh slate or paper is a delight to behold, it practically beckons to me...begging to be utilized! With eyes that see and appreciate beauty in the midst of a crazy scenery...hands swift to pen what my 'wonder-filled' mind conjures! My name is Frances

10 replies on “911 collections 1”

Thank you for this! I am glad you decided to follow up. I noticed many Nigerian names as well but I guess most of them were listed as American citizen (fair enough), I bet loads who changed their names are there as well.


Thank you again. You encouraged me. I guess we have so many others behind foreign-looking names. Like I told you we called her “Ini” but her other name is “Sadie”…you can imagine the trouble I had searching till I remembered her surname (by some stroke of luck) and called my mum to confirm.

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Imaikel – Thanks for bringing back the previous pieces you did on this. Sorry to hear about your cousin, must be quite difficult to have a closure. Have you checked that your cousin’s name is listed among the victims of Sept 11th? Noone was listed as a Nigerian so a bit difficult even Godwin Ajala name was listed under United States.


Hello Folakemi, Thank you for reading through them 🙂 I haven’t checked for her name yet but when I read your message, decided to check it out. Haven’t done that yet but when I do, I’ll let you know.


@folakemiodoaje thank you for prompting me to check it out. I did that today and found her. I called my mum to confirm her name and the pain I heard in mummy’s voice is not be desired.
Also I discovered so many other Nigerians…just thought you should know.


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