Imani is 6

Imani is 6

Imani Naomi is 6 years today and like I promised her, these are a review of what the last year has been.

My dearest Booboo girly girly,

Our year has been filled with many activities, right now I can’t remember some but what stands out amongst them is that you started out your school term not confident about your school work. Most times, you returned with your notes half-written or someone else’s writing because the teacher had someone help you with them as your writings were too BIG or somewhat incomprehensible.

Right now that seems like ages ago but it’s not true. Together we have gotten the almost perfect writing and you now understand the rules of writing within borders. The excitement you showed when you told me months back “Mummy, I was the first to finish my notes today and there was no mistake” is not to be exchanged. Then I was reminded, that this is the beginning of your unveiling…I never imagined it would be this awesome.

Graduation day and I arrived a bit late due to traffic, only to be told you had just finished your speech. The same speech we had been rehearsing daily at home (with the right diction and gestures. LOL. Madam diction) and it broke my heart 😦 . Though I had to hurry back to work, I got wind of some good plot for you from your teacher Mrs. John.


Emmanuella (her BF), Imani and Precious on the Graduation Day

You won ‘BEST IN LITERACY’ and took 2nd in overall position. I’m truly awed that God has chosen to put a smile on our face in such a way. I’m looking forward to the books you will write, outstanding pictures you will capture – my growing model amongst others. You have been trying to get me agree to go for the Maltina Dance All and my famous response “I can’t dance, Aunty Udy, Daddy, you and Earl will go, and I cheer from the house”. But you will have none of that.


Sometime in August…just the two of us! ❤

Last night you came with your usual complaint about not wanting to sleep early and met me praying, that stopped you and then you noticed the tears. “Don’t cry mummy” you whispered, as you wiped them away and sat quietly there. I prayed for you concerning your birthday…guess what, you prayed for me too and the children in the environment that couldn’t speak good English and didn’t have where to stay.

Your love for the less privileged is overwhelming…whenever I need to give something out and I ask you for a dress, you give me 2 more. I could never ask for a better daughter that loves deeply (more than I do perhaps). So today, I’m reminding you that I love you to the ends of the earth beyond and to eternity.

P/S: You broke your ‘girl in a ball’ decorative item. I should have known you had done something wrong from the door as you had that look of ‘guilt’ on your face but I was too tired to comment. Thank you for coming back to me to apologize about it (after your tears and all). One of the many more reasons I love you!


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