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In Gratitude

Grateful to You that while I sought TIME,
You added life and gave me a LIFETIME.
I looked in time and saw a NEVER
You changed my view with its FOREVER
I wondered, “is it me or another?”
You answered, “made just for you, my daughter.”
Got reasons to be thankful
That for all I’ve lost I’m still full.
For every other morn, the sky’s blue
Making my heated day cool.
And for all who’ve left
You keep blessing me with the best.
So in gratitude I say
Thanks for always making my day.

© 2004 Frances Kelvin Otung. All rights reserved

Thankful Thursday

The Truth Serum


You’ve come into possession of one vial of truth serum. Who would you give it to (with the person’s consent, of course) — and what questions would you ask?

Hahahahahahaha and that’s me laughing with a mischievous look on my face and twinkle in my eyes, as I try to imagine who I would give The Truth Serum to. I’m not sure about getting the person’s consent though, because he might not give it to me 😦

Why would I do that or why wouldn’t he give it to me? The second question begs an answer, because he has some things tucked away and he doesn’t want me finding out about them even if they don’t matter now.

Hmmm …

So who will my next ‘victim’ be (please note, I’m using this word in a positive light)…LOL. For Heaven’s sakes I didn’t cook up this prompt, you did! So pardon my ‘crazy’ mind doing many things this evening. I’m loving this so much that I’m almost screaming.

Okay, let’s get serious. But no names wink

That polite security would get some, I’d love to know what he really would say to me if he was the boss.

That person that started out saying something wild, stopped midway and gave another example, I’d love to hear the first example.

What does my house-keeper REALLY have to say to me, when she’s spoilt my evening and I’m upset yet she maintains the blank look on her face?

I’ll give it to that person who always looks very angry when he sees me but I suspect secretly likes me but can’t afford to let his guard down as it would be preposterous. Oh my goodness, what got that thought into my head!

Maybe, I could give it to an object, like the sofa in the living room. My Heritage (children) are always jumping on it; I’d love to hear what the sofa has to say to them and allow them hear it too. It will definitely reduce or stop the jumps.

Now, I’m not sure I really want to know anymore…what a world it would be knowing someone else’s thought. Phew!

What would you do if you had one?

© 2014 Frances Kelvin Otung. All rights reserved

The Great Divide


When reading for fun, do you usually choose fiction or non-fiction? Do you have an idea why you prefer one over the other?

Really! Like seriously? Is there really a great divide between anything?

My take?

I’ll stick to the “there’s a thin line school-of-thought”, because it’s almost seamless moving from one to the next.

And what am I ranting about today? You asked why I choose to read FICTION over NON-FICTION, who told you I even make that choice. As a voracious reader, I read anything as long as it is interesting, why should I limit myself to only one side of the fun, when there are other exciting worlds outside of my limited view. Why get stuck up with the same boring tasteless read when I can find excitement, have endless fun weaving through other minds.

I read both Fiction and Non-Fiction depending on what my reading conquest is at the moment. From my point of view, Fiction is actually Non-Fiction viewed through Rose-coloured glasses, where you try to hide the real event or identity of the persons involved just so you can tell their story and they don’t get mad at you. Ask The Bestman, he’d know better.

And since you are keen on finding out dear WordPress 🙂 , when I require FUN, I don’t read, I unravel my puzzles…now how’s that for another prompt? wink