Project Laughter


Getting Earl to sleep can be such a tedious job as he rolls and rolls on the floor the bed and into your arms. He makes you sing all the bedtime lullabies and just when you thought you’ve got him covered, he pops his head up again and the cycle begins afresh.

One of those nights, being tired myself, I tried to get him to sleep and when I didn’t succeed, I handed him over to his dad.

King began singing…  “Sleep baby sleep, do not cry (2x),  do not cry (2x)” … …repeatedly and Earl’s eyes started dropping and before long when King thought he could breathe a sigh of relief, we heard Earl’s voice “sleep daddy sleep, do not cry. Sleep daddy sleep, do not cry, do not cry, do not cry!”

Of course, King allowed him go back to play knowing that when he gets tired, he just falls down on that spot and dozes off.

Quotes Tuesday Thoughts

Tuesday Thoughts

One of the beautiful quotes I got in my course of reading “The Scarlet Thread”

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Picture Credits: 697_Suizenji_Pond
Lyrical Mondays Poems

Lyrical Monday on a Tuesday

At times we do battles that seem unending and needing help we turn to God…hahahaha. I had one of such battles. Enjoy!

Lyrical Monday_071014