I was caught in the middle
Sat between both of them
Our connection wasn’t feeble
For both of them had fame
…The beloved and the betrayer
I’d rather be with one than the other
For with him I don’t need a lawyer
Yet I find balance in this disorder
For while one makes my world go round
And everyday a joy ride
The other makes my prayers loud
And his pain removes pride
As I fulfill destiny
Sitting between Judas and John in harmony.

© 2005 Frances Kelvin Otung. All rights reserved.


Leave my Judas alone!

“Judas”…the name we love to hate.
The name we readily won’t give to our children except an enemy!
“Judas”…oh! How I wonder about that name!
Though strangely, it sounds like what it is linked with …BETRAYAL!

We’ve been taught to dislike Judas. As soon as his name rings out, every system sends a report to our brain – “Betrayer”! But after a close look at Judas and what he represents, I beseech all and sundry to LEAVE MY JUDAS ALONE!

Yes, the hurt from the back stab was excruciating and the wound still won’t heal…daily it serves as a reminder that “Judas” had paid us a visit (planned or unplanned, invited or uninvited, he came all the same!). The bridge we built had been trodden down by the hoofs of the horse Judas rode across it and so “Trust” added “Dis” to her name to become DISTRUST.

In more ways than one, Judas had acted in our films….
But hold it a while, I’d rather have an encounter with Judas than with Peter! Because Judas was strategically picked to propel me to my destiny…make sure I fulfil it. Be a thorn underneath my foot so I don’t walk straight and the pain constantly reminds me to seek help.

But Peter, who loves me dearly would rather (and unknowingly I must say!) stop me in my tracks so I don’t get to the promise; thereby ensuring that I remain in the process longer than necessary.

He’s been called an enemy, but the table will only be prepared in the presence of one! So once again I implore you to spare me the trouble of having to go round and round in circles …leave my Judas alone!

Yes, I’ll cry and feel pain and most times wonder why?! But since it’s taking me to greater glory, leave my Judas alone!!!

© 2005 Frances Kelvin Otung. All rights reserved.