Lyrical Mondays

Lyrical Mondays

I love poems!

I find them romantic…though not that all the poems I have written or received are. Yet there’s something warm (about the good ones I mean), that makes it feel like a caress sweeping over your being, as it replays the words that have been written and sent your way. I guess it’s the spirit behind the word, the emotions the person felt while writing, that jump at you and do those things you feel or hate to feel – like the feeling from reading an angry poem.

I have met so many people I love very much, who have written me a couple of poems. I might include their names or not. But IF and WHEN they read it, they will know they are appreciated. This is for you!

As I sit and ponder
My heart begins to wonder
Like unwanted letters from a familiar sender
Through my mind, thoughts begin to wander.
‘Vulnerability’ and ‘openness’,
Exposure and perhaps rottenness
The mystery of friendship
That promises a vital relationship.
How can one touch my heart so?
Walking through barriers, is this friend or foe?
Unbidden, secret doors to my hidden places on their hinges turn,
Like that of the prodigal’s room, upon his return.
An unsettling place I find myself
This issue I can’t place on the shelf.
Dare I hope as I take this bend?
Dare I ask: can we be friends?