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Sharing Time


Some children love soda, juice etc. but Earl loves his can Malt drink. As a matter of fact, he lets out the ‘ssshhhhhh’ sound with it when you open a can and the excitement on his face is invaluable.

One of those days, we gave them a Can of Malt to share. Earl took a sip too many and after I complained, he gave his sister to sip a bit (by the way, he was the one holding the can to her mouth) and promptly returned it to his lips and took more gulps.

When he lifted his eyes and saw the look on my face, he brought it to Imani’s (she took a bit) and he took it back and after a gulp, he responded to her question ‘if he wanted to finish it by himself’.

“Imani, continue with what you are doing, ok. When you are done, I will give it to you!”
What he didn’t add was “…and by that time, I would have finished it.” Hahahahahahahaha!

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Tuesday Thoughts


I’m in a celebration mood and I’m not going to be selfish about it. So here’s my shout out to all and sundry! Like we say in Naija, I hail o!