One Lovely Blog Award


I’m not sure where to start from but it was a pleasant surprise to be nominated by Colleen (whom I only just met by the way) but she says she loves my blog, so I guess my dream reader must do too!

About me? It is somewhere in my blog but I’ll tell you a bit. My name is Frances and my native name sounds just as sweet “IMAN”, and no I’m not from Ethopia but Nigeria. My “Iman” means “Ally” that should tell you more about the kind of person I am. I love talking with children, writing poetry and having engaging discussions. I AM A GOD LOVER & CHASER! I totally love family and love LOVE. Red is my favourite color …sometimes its Green, Black, Purple, Brown or Orange. But for now RED loves me back. I can see you want to know more, check me out at imanikingblog

Dearest Colleen broke the rules and said it was okay to break ’em too. LOL. But here are the rules if you still want to follow which I got from thecraftyladyincombatboots thank you 🙂

The condition for receiving the award involves nominating my favorite bloggers and giving seven facts about myself. It is so much work, little wonder Colleen said to leave it alone.

Nomination Rules:

  1. Thank and link back to the person who nominated you
  2. List the rules and display the award
  3. Include seven facts about yourself
  4. Nominate around 15 other bloggers and let them know about the award. ( I doubt I’ll follow some of the rules but this is for you my nominees)
  5. Follow the blogger who nominated you (if not already!)

I wish to nominate the following for the Lovely Blog Award









I guess I’m done. Phew!!!


Are you a good friend?

I promised yesterday to post the whole article from my friend.

“We keep complaining that we don’t have good friends, but have not made any efforts on our part to be a good friend to others. Do not expect from others what you are not willing to give; neither should you complain when your expectations are not met because in life when you sow cassava for instance, you reap that exactly.
It would be an anomaly to sow cassava, and reap corn.
If you want friends to give you more time, do same; if you want loyalty and faithfulness, be loyal and faithful; you want them to act in sacrificial ways, do same too.
Hence, if you reap a strange harvest (you see seeds which you did not sow sprout), you are within your rights to challenge such a harvest and not put up with it!”

Unyime-Ivy King

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

Heard a testimony today that started out very bad, but the negative became a platform for good news.

Thankful Thursday_161014

Daily Prompt



It rises from the front, stops briefly in-between and gets to the end
From the podium to the pew we find hierarchies that smack of inequality
A small family setting isn’t left out of it claws, as Daddy is served the greater portion
Who made that rule anyway?
With your best of ideas, you hardly get a chance to offer a word at the meeting
“The torchlight is not for you to touch, let alone hold, so keep your opinions to yourself.
When we need suggestions, the ones at the top will figure it out.”
Who made this rule I ask again?
Being the head, he refuses your input, “Be quiet woman, that’s disrespectful!
If it were in the olden days, you’d be in the backyard, cooking with firewood and coal
That should teach you some lessons and keep your hands full.”
Even with all your schooling, you still say, “She gave me just daughters.”
“Of what good are they? Give me sons”, he retorts.
It’s everywhere, here, there and it isn’t going nowhere.
Welcome to the unbalanced world.

© 2014. Frances Kelvin Otung. All rights reserved