Freedom Fridays

Freedom Friday


Dear God,

I had promised to do a Freedom Friday and You know what (of course You know already but I’ll still tell you all the same cos I’m in in fix) I don’t know what to talk about. Yet, I don’t want Alex, Yvonne, Viktoryarch, and Emma feeling disappointed with me. I need Your help and just so You know, I ❤ You!

Football & Love

It’s Freedom Friday, so I reserve the sole right to say what I have to say, how I chose to (secretly hoping you will like it).

Don’t kid yourself or rub your hands in glee expecting some grand documentary on Football, as I don’t know much about it except the spelling and now that’s so sad 😦 . But good news is I am a fan of anything that connects people together and keeps them United and I love RED too. Though I’m not a football analyst, I raise the Manchester United flag wherever; because by marriage, I am bound by love and association as its’ fan.

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Through Veda’s eyes:

Living with my in-law has given me a totally different outlook to the way kids view their world, the innocence with which they say deep things and the ‘carelessness’ in which they are just themselves without trying to act up for anyone! …hence I choose to look at the world through Veda’s eyes (my niece) whom I also call “Sunshine”! Its an interesting read and she’s 12 now ❤

She heard her mum (my sis) was going out on an errand and so wouldn’t carry her along, she cried and threw her tantrums and when her nanny told her to stop and that no one would talk to Mama (her mum) when she got back…even me, Sunshine replied with unbelief, “she’ll talk to her, because she’s her sister!”

♦ ♦

I gave her sweets today (she’s got a crave for them), she simply turned it down saying Uncle Kenneth told her that sweets will make her lose her teeth…yet she was chewing gum or rather a different kind of sweet while refusing my sweets!

*This is just the beginning, let’s view the world Through Veda’s eyes

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Blogging 101

Weekly Small Pleasures

lovely-blog_thumbKing Earl    Imani & King EarlIMG00014-20141013-1404-Red


Well, my week was full of gifts and fun.
From the union where two became one
Before our eyes and behind the scenes
That had the King in 3-piece and a ring bearer be
And the Princess a suitable escort in bow so Pink
With a black dress sparkling in dots of silver like stained ink
To my feet clad in ferragamo so red I couldn’t hate
For a gift it was and the timing wasn’t late.
Lest I forget and ungrateful get
One Lovely Blog Award I also got!
Pray tell, give us a feel
How pleasurable was your week?

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