I don’t need to contest

Does it bother me that election is around the corner…hmmm maybe.

Not because of the results, but what people would do to achieve these results and it gets me thinking, do we have to go that far to make a difference? We were told in the news to take 7th November off and go pick up our permanent voter card. I couldn’t be off work but those that were (like my King) went to the same venue we got the temporary card years back and didn’t meet anyone. He repeated that journey twice that day and same thing. Someone advised him to go to the APC office…now I’m not sure where that is. Well, the issue of non-availability of permanent voters’ card will be a matter for another day soon.

Right now, with everyone promising us Heaven on Earth and in the Deep Blue Sea and our hearts saying abi nah singing “It’s the same old song…” what do we do? If you were me (us) what would you do? We have to vote whether we like it or not, but the sad part will be when we have 12 bad eggs and have to choose one. What happened to the good eggs?

So this is my take, let’s break, throw, flush, and dispose all the bad eggs and leave the podium for good eggs to roll on. Nigeria, has gotten to the point that we are no longer fooled by empty promises…Not like we didn’t know the difference before o! But when faced with so many bad options, we chose the ‘lesser evil’. Whilst you are thinking about it, who will do this flushing?

I sit and watch the drama unfold, the different scene. As one airs the other’s dirty linen outside just to discredit him/her, but you are dealing with intellectuals here Mr. Politician. How do you want us to view you when you take over, as a vengeful person who can’t fight square? Stop showing us their backside that is bent, dance ya own dance and let us determine if you are fit for our stage. What is your antecedent? What did you do the last time we gave you that opportunity? Shouldn’t there be a retirement age for Politicians? Why won’t they let the young ones try out their wisdom at ruling and taking decisions ehen? Nso ke ado?! What is it? I’m exasperated to the point that I could easily write the rest in my native language.

‘Akwa Ibom ado ok’ (Akwa Ibom is okay) and if you don’t believe me, take a trip there. Like the Governor would say there is uncommon transformation.

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I said that to say this, rather than spend millions to buy a form for the Presidential Elections, I’d rather use that money to transform this nation and there are so many projects begging to be handled. Posterity would thank me later and even if they didn’t, the satisfaction I’d get from seeing joy on peoples’ faces for lighting up their dark (literally) would be immense…the naysayers regardless.

Before you spend that money and lose the election because you can’t play dirty like them, use it and continue the good works or start one. A word is enough for the wise. I’m done!

By imanikel

...a fresh slate or paper is a delight to behold, it practically beckons to me...begging to be utilized! With eyes that see and appreciate beauty in the midst of a crazy scenery...hands swift to pen what my 'wonder-filled' mind conjures! My name is Frances

4 replies on “I don’t need to contest”

Thank you Imanikel for this post. And please my sister if you feel like writing it in your mother tongue to as to say it the way you feel/think, write away! I know I’ll bug you to translate LOL

See why the candidates were tripping to get presidential forms despite the high price tag is down to Owo olowo leegun n na, aso alaso l’oga n dabora (masquerades spend other people’s money, chameleons wear other people’s clothes) – Simply put, they don’t care, the whole nation is a project to to profit from.

Why wouldn’t they let younger people in? Because of godfatherism of course and most importantly the youths let themselves be used by the old farts who play Trading Places with our lives all the time.


LOL…you and your sense of humor.

I’m glad I have a sister-in-arms when it comes to expression. You say the truth Folakemi, and I wish I could speak that Yoruba that you wrote there.

If you talk now, they will say ‘why aren’t the young ones picking the forms?’…but when the price tag (abi nah to buy designers bag e be?) has been raised so high and honest people who want to join without bloodstains (stealing in all forms is draining another’s blood aka sweat, just so you live) on their hands can’t afford the fees, what should they do?

The young and foolish you mean? Hmmm…LOL @ old farts. F-O-L-A-K-E-M-I!!!!


You said it all re the price tag on the form, that’s obscene, why would anyone pay that much money so s/he could be elected to serve the people?

Most that could pay for the presidential ticket could not be beaten when it comes to money alone – very shameful.

Yea, young and foolish more like it – I know man pikin go chop but we don’t need to be reduced to stomach infrastructure.

LOL Old Farts – remember OBJ nearly turned Aso Rock to life in office? God help us


“After paying so much to get there, I will have to reimburse those I borrowed money from to get the form”…surely that is all that is going through his or her mind. But you know with money, it lures the willing and they don’t stop at paying back their debt but try to fill their own account for a rainy day. Ask if rain shouldn’t fall again!

So you know about Stomach infrastructure…hmmm.

Amen to that prayer sister!

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