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Weekly Small Pleasures

That I’ve been away from #weeklysmallpleasures doesn’t mean I have been without pleasure.

The mere thought of that sends joy down my spines.

From a myriad of celebrations of cousins and people I love

Dumebi, Toyin and I Sunday following my birthday

To mine, done to celebrate the dawn of a new era

Birthday cake

Ending with an outing to a private movie premiere

Photo Credits:
Photo Credits:

Plus gifts from India wrapped with so much love and weighing really heavy

From India with love
From India with love

I won’t talk much today hope the pictures told the stories.


Freedom Fridays

Freedom Friday

I can’t believe myself, I was away from #freedomfriday for a whole week and I had it all planned out. @folakemiodoaje was expecting me to do an article I had promised, but I got so busy that I didn’t…but that article kept bugging me all week! Folakemi, did you pray about it that I don’t forget? LOL.

Well, it’s Freedom Friday and

….I’m FREEEEEEEE, Free to lift my hands
Free to say Amen
Free to know that someday I will smile again
I’m free
Free to laugh not cry
Free to live not die
(because of You Lord), I’m Free

Why the song? I stepped into a new dimension of living life afresh. I still feel the way I use to. I’m trying not to feel old though, cos all of a sudden it seems when I hear the number it ‘scares’ me. But I’m loving it that I am 40 and looking not it. So here’s my plan, to reach and touch lives more, to look younger and relax a bit, EXERCISE! Dance with my Heritage (Children) and just be a child at every opportunity we have. Keep my communication lines with God unclogged so we can relate with each other without interruptions (usually from my end)…and as for the King, he has no idea what this babe is up concerning him … I’m shuddering with delight at the thought of it already. Well, you can guess at you what, but I don’t think you will get it in its entirety.

Welcome to a new me, normal? I don’t think so. Abnormal…definitely not. But simply unique and different!

© 2014. Frances Kelvin Otung. All rights reserved.


My one year of finding myself

I’m in a celebration mood, and don’t forget its #freedomfridays and I chose to celebrate jsack1’s blog. Read on and you will know why 🙂

Jsack's Mom's Blog

Today is my one year blogging anniversary. It’s also the 23 rd year of my Grandpa’s death. I still remember it like it was yesterday the second man I’ve ever loved, besides my Daddy. I grew up being fascinated, perplexed, and adoring my Grandpa. He always told me I was a little girl with a big voice. I still remember how proud he was to hold me in his arms. I was the last of his daughters children. And there I lay bundled up in my pinkness in his arms. He always told me I could do anything I set my mind to. And now that little girl has grown up to have children of my own. When I started out on this blogging journey I really didn’t know what to expect. I went from blogging once a month when the thought moved me to write, to blogging once a…

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