Weekly Small Pleasures


That I’ve been away from #weeklysmallpleasures doesn’t mean I have been without pleasure.

The mere thought of that sends joy down my spines.

From a myriad of celebrations of cousins and people I love


Dumebi, Toyin and I Sunday following my birthday

To mine, done to celebrate the dawn of a new era

Birthday cake

Ending with an outing to a private movie premiere

Plus gifts from India wrapped with so much love and weighing really heavy

From India with love

From India with love

I won’t talk much today hope the pictures told the stories.



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  2. Better late than never LOL in my defence I did read your post on the first day but got lost thinking, ‘is that a crown gift from India?’ Didn’t know you were a princess! Got be careful how I talk now LOL

    Happy Birthday! Hope you had loads of fun celebrating with loved ones.

    • I’m not a Princess, I’m a Queen and I’m protesting with my hands folded across my chest.LOL.

      Thank you for the birthday message. Sorry you didn’t get to eat the cake. Don’t be careful, just be yourself or that would be a fake…I’m not sure I would know how to handle that 🙂

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