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Freedom Friday


Today’s Freedom Friday is dedicated to The Experience 2014.

I’ve been part of it since 2006 and for every year, it was always mind-blowing. Every year different from the rest. Changed lives. Unadulterated worship. Transformation for the people and for the nation. Economic value added to many lives. Healing and Restoration. The list is endless. Not because of the people that organise it (for they are few) but of the God who gives His breath to His work. You can be sure when God is ready for you, the heights He takes you is beyond your strategies.

By the 5th of December, 2014, @ The Tafawa Balewa Square, we will be gathered as one and shouting at the top of our voices (croaked or not), lifting hands and hearts as ONE to God as ONE man, One Nation, One People.

Weekly Small Pleasures



This week has been quite delightful…it seemed that God gave me a blank cheque. Well, for starters I was blessed with a new phone Yippee…still dancing. Amidst promises of more gifts…so looking forward to it. And you know what it’s helping with my Photography 101 assignments and the pictures are just gorgeous I show you some just so you get the feel wink

Flowers by the step leading into the Cathedral

Flowers by the step leading into the Cathedral


Flowers on the side of the building

My friend got a gift he had been praying for for his birthday too…double high five.

And I got answers to prayers I hadn’t made yet…so you see why I’m all excited about my week. I decided not to do so much pictures but tell you how it was. How was your week?

How could I have forgotten to mention this. Yesterday as I walked out of the door to go to work, my really cute, well-spoken son ran after me…stopped me in my tracks gave me a kiss. As I hurried out, he called me back, gave me a very warm and big hug and stopped me yet again to give me a handshake before saying …”See you later mummy.” And I was wondering what I did right that morning to get all these affection… such always go to daddy! I love him ❤

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Photography 101 – Mystery


I checked up the word “Mystery” and fell in love with this definition any affair, thing, or person that presents features or qualities so obscure as to arouse curiosity or speculation:” I’m not sure what my pictures say to you, but that’s the best I could come up that looked mysterious to me…and I love them pix 🙂

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Liar! Liar!! Pants on Fire


At last…I’m smiling at the thoughts going on in Folakemi’s mind. You see, I had promised her based on one of my Freedom Friday to talk about lies and how I handled a case.

As a child (I’m sure most children were like this …I don’t know about ‘nowadays-children’ o!), and growing up and surrounded by many family members whom I loved dearly, many things I was told I believed. Especially when I was made a promise by an older person. Don’t get me wrong, I knew right from wrong and so didn’t fall into the category of gullible young girls who listened and believed every story. But I had an Uncle whom my Dad calls “*Wayo Imeh”. I thought that was his name and in my innocence I addressed him as such in his absence. Until a day, he called me to wish me happy birthday and made a promise to buy me some gift (I can’t even remember what he promised, but you see I never forgot either). Whilst still on the call, he asked to talk with Dad and he enquired who it was I was talking to and I answered “Uncle Wayo Imeh”. I got a sharp rebuke and scolding from the earpiece.

“Who are you calling “Wayo Imeh”?

Innocently I replied, “You, Uncle.”

“Idi afe asong? Meaning Are you okay? Is that my name?!

“Yes, that’s what Daddy usually calls you”, I replied feeling sober and upset he had said that to me on my birthday, when I had done no wrong. After all, I added ‘Uncle’ to his name. Oh, the thoughts on a child’s mind…LOL.

After I had handed the phone to my father, I went to ask my mum what was Uncle’s name and to my shock she simply said “Imeh”. Did I let it rest? No! I needed to know why Daddy and other elderly people called him “Wayo Imeh or Imeh Wayo” so I prodded her on and she replied because he plays a lot of “Wayo” and the name stuck. Did Uncle live up to his name, yes as he didn’t give me my present (till date) and some other promises he didn’t keep. I felt really bad because as a child, I expected adults to be truthful.

*Wayo means deceit

*Imeh means Patience

FAST FORWARD…to modern times
My help had celebrated her birthday and we got her a cake so she’d feel our appreciation. I asked her to take some to her family (brother and wife with child) in Lagos whom she said resided in Agege. I live in Lekki axis, so it’s quite a distance. While discussing with my King if to let her go there or not, I had my doubts if she would return same day and she said she would. To help facilitate this, we allowed her leave early on the said day. By 6pm, she wasn’t back so I started calling her and she didn’t pick my calls. After a while, about 8pm or so, I called her again and she picked and I asked where she was, thinking she was probably held up in traffic. Only to be told “Aunty, I’m not coming back today, I’m helping my brother’s wife and she says I should stay.”
Yeah! The picture in your head does not add up to the real picture of how mad I was. And to think that she didn’t even have the courtesy to call and tell me this and ask for permission to do that. I gave her an ultimatum, if she didn’t return, not to bother. Something told me she wasn’t at her brother’s place. Case in point, she had wrapped 2 big chunks of cake differently and when I asked why she didn’t put them together since they were going to the same place, she replied that the wrapping foil wouldn’t go round. See story o!!! I indulged her.

Well 🙂 she got back from Agege in less than 2 hours wink wink I didn’t say much but she heard VOLUMES from my silence. And in the morning, we had the AIDS, Protection and Abstinence discussion, as before now we had had the Pregnancy and Ebola discussion. I’m sure I made your day Folakemi LOL



I’m wondering what answers a lot of you would have come up with if I threw a general question enquiring to know your interpretation of 1G1V. Don’t crack your head about it too much, you will soon know what I’m all about this evening.

Like a seed, a desire to offer a thousand burnt offering in gratitude to God for all He has done and continues to do (whether we are aware or not) grew in his heart. He thought of how best to carry out this plan and also if he will communicate the passion he feels to the magnitude that the people will understand the vision and run with it. Beyond the dream, the meetings and seeming fear about its success, the 1st Edition held and it was mind blowing.

You would think that God had taken us there, but that was just the beginning and like I mentioned earlier it was a seed and if you know anything about seeds, then you will agree with me that when its harvest time, what you sow ain’t what you get honey, YOU GET MORE! With this appetite unleashed for more, we welcome you to The Experience 2014 converging at the Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos.

This will be the 9th Edition. In Obstetrics, we are told a pregnant woman usually would give birth in the 9th month; so we are expectant in this years’ Experience as we connect our faith with our praise in anticipation and gratitude to God for what eyes have not seen nor ear heard. I don’t know about you, but I know that come 5th December 2014, people of every nation, tribe and tongue will gather, lifting holy hands and hearts in one accord regardless of societal status or political affiliation to One God in One Voice. By the way, that’s the meaning of 1G1V 🙂

So Lagos, Nigeria, the world…are you ready!?

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