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Weekly Small Pleasures

My #Weekly Small Pleasures for the past week was rooted in family and some sweet loving time worshipping God.

For one, my Mummy was around and boy I missed an opportunity to snap pictures with her. We went together for The Experience 9th Edition and my Heritage came too. Yes, there were a lot of “mummy, I want this or that…carry me…I want Daddy…he’s singing, I want to meet him on stage and etc”. But it was fun all the same.

Though I didn’t take pictures with Mummy, I did take some with my sister, my friend Otibhor (before the programme) while others danced on and tried filming a part of the Experience Concert, which I couldn’t upload here.

Like Mani, I caught the sneezing bug but I’m better now. Yep, we got to rest for a few days after the concert though it was a working break, I enjoyed it!


Writer’s Quote Wednesday

It’s another #Writer’sQuoteWednesday and …

For me, I find Him complete and when I’m stuck in the maze of what to do and all the other etcs, I return to Him …not like He left me in the first place…He welcomes me back and that’s my always Current God for you.

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Photo Credits:  Swiss Alps – Grindelwald trek

Thanks #Luciledegodoy for always giving beautiful pictures to use

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