Lyrical Monday


It’s my 7th Wedding Anniversary and its a big deal for me because regardless of every storm we have encountered God has been faithful to pull us through. Sometimes, it seems like it’s an unending cycle of trouble …hmmm …and of joys 🙂 But like you understand about the seasons of life, one season has to stay its course and move on, for the other to play its part. I’m not sure which season this is for us – as it feels like winter and summer together. But then that’s the beauty of having Jesus in your boat…He calms the storm and declares PEACE! BE STILL!

It’s been a crazy ride with you… but I love ‘crazy’ and I’m loving every moment of it…though it hurts sometimes, but I’m glad its you I’m with. Love you till time is no more. You remember I read this poem to you at the wedding…it is still true and more. wink

Lyrical Mondays_291214

© 2014. Frances Kelvin Otung. All rights reserved.

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