Hello Reader…we really should get a face to your name 🙂

This is my first post for this year and you won’t believe it, I have written a couple in my mind but putting it up has been an issue. I’m not starting the year on a lazy note, just been occupied with other matters. I trust you had a wonderful holiday away with family and friends. I did and wished it lingered longer. I’m setting some plans in my mind concerning spening quality time whenever I’m with family. So here’s my thought for today.

Not knowing what the year will be declared as, I sent messages praying that the year will be fulfilling in every way to all who received these messages. Oh what a joy to realise that 2015 has been named a YEAR OF FULFILLMENT in church.

Therefore, no more half-measures concerning me or mine. Until my joy is complete, I’m not taking ‘NO’ for an answer, except that ‘NO’ is cloaked as divine re-direction towards fulfilment and pure unprecedented JOY that is bubbling without end. I want it all and complete – nothing missing or broken. Not an-almost-there blessing or an it-could-have-been but the whole works. For He is God and He is able to do exceeding, abundantly far above all I can ask, think or imagine and beyond that – He is ready and willing to do it. So why would I short-change myself and receive less than His best for me? Why?! Tell me why?

No more will I ‘ridicule’ God with my small-asking and belittle His ability to blow my mind. If I can’t ask for it in my understanding, I will be still and let Him be God with expectancy in my heart, I know every answer He gives me will be FULFILLING IN EVERY WAY.

Happy New Year!!!

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