Hearts As One Drum Beat Award



I had earlier in my previous post yesterday mentioned that I will attempt to respond to my outstanding awards. Apart from being thoughtful to be nominated, the person nominating me just made the award so beautiful to have.

Hello again Seasonedsistah2 🙂

The simple ways in which you say deep truths, the fun ways in which you fight illness and overcome your fear of cancer and pain with humour endears me to you all the more. You are one of the few persons whose blog I easily show off and everyone I show it to, falls in love with it. I guess it must be something innate in you that flows across oceans and the web exuding love and care. The same you show in your words in praise to your grandchildren or gratitude to your hubby for helping you with something.

The rules for passing this award along is for the recipient –

“Within their posts whether it be through Poem or Word caring for others is a must for this award.  Be through laughter or humor, photograph or story, love and compassion are mandatory.”

The people I have nominated meet these criteria, you be the judge by checking out their sites.

luciledegodoy …when I decided to start using my own pictures for my quotes etc. I mentioned it in passing to Lucile and in minutes she had sent me a couple of pictures, with an offer to use any one I wanted but (of course) give credit to her. She is beyond thoughtful.

Folakemi …my darling friend will not appreciate me giving her the ‘stress’ of this award but I just had to let her know that I appreciate what she’s doing, her humour (which she denies having), the way she deals with current and past issues giving human face to them.

Caroline …who makes living each day beautiful with her gratitude attitude. Even if it just acknowledge someone or rescuing a cat! You gotta love this woman and she’s published by the way.

I’ll stop at three persons, so I’m two persons short that may want to lynch me for giving them this award and taking their time to do it! LOL…Oh, my goodness, that’s so very funny (in my son’s voice)

© 2015. Frances Kelvin Otung. All rights reserved.


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  1. 🙂 🙂 Now, am dying laughing.

    Seriously, I do appreciate thinking of me and most importantly that I deserve a commendation…thank you! You know I can’t resist a challenge but I just knew if I did one, that’s it – hooked.

    No stress sister, just have to name one of my greys after you 🙂

    • I laughed so loud my colleague shouted ” aha, wetin happened?!”

      So I was right you do love challenges. I’ll think about that next time when I want to prod you. *wink*

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