Goodnight this Morning

I’m grateful that I’m awake
And facing my day with all it takes
Plans have been laid out for today’s remembrance
Trying my best to ensure its rid of encumbrances
She needs a happy-me to relate with her
So she is reminded less of the pains the day proffers
Amidst the calls and talk,
…I promised her a big hug!
In my attempts to console,
I must have pricked her soul
For she hurriedly said ‘goodbye,
I’ll see you later on, I’m fine.’

My phone rings and I’m wondering what’s up?
Maybe it’s a ‘yab’ or news of a new life begun
He says to me ‘Where are you?’
‘In the office,’ I replied. ‘How are you?’
‘Mom’s dead,’ he dropped the news
‘How, when, why’ I asked, feeling confused
We just celebrated her birthday
And I wished her more years to stay
How was I going to know that God had other plans…?
And that didn’t include another day on these lands.
‘Who will tell my parents, I asked him?’
‘That’s why I told you’ and he sighed.

Aunty Grace

Auntie Gracie, full of grace and beauty
I remember your care and love whenever we came by
Your laughter and the glow which you exuded
Your warmth I’m sure made Jos worth staying…
For those of us that don’t like cold climes
I’ll try not to question God
But I’m sure He’s read the questions already
Has He given me an answer?
As I listened to my friend read a tribute that night
One she wrote to her late husband who passed on last year
As she mentioned the two things that had kept her
And one of them was GRACE!
I knew God had given me my answers.

Auntie Gracie

I will miss you a lot and I haven’t spoken to Mummy yet. I’m wondering what is running through her mind right now. Yes, I spoke to Dad this morning and he sounded very sad as he told me about you. They will miss you so much and your friendship. Thank you for those words 3 years ago, about how you took a step in faith against the doctor’s report and how, many years later you are still enjoying that faith walk. I’m doing same now and I believe God!
Yesterday was birthday to some of my friends, a year remembrance of my friend’s hubby and now I remember it as the day you said Goodnight in the Morning.

* Celebrating Auntie who went to rest yesterday

© 2015. Frances Kelvin Otung. All rights reserved