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Today, I attempted to add a media to my quote and I hope I got it :). Arrow Season 1, episode 13 has a quote I found very interesting and it reads: Arrow Season 1 episode 13 – VIEW 22:45 to 23:50

Writer's Quote Wednesday_230115

I found this quote particularly interesting because Oliver Queen being stranded on an Island meets another stranger, Slade Wilson, and he begins training him almost on the spot. It’s beyond the sword fight, it’s the taunt that ‘provokes’ Oliver eventually to learn how to fight. More than that, I thought this saying, KEEP YOUR BLADE UP ALWAYS STAY BEHIND YOUR SWORD reminds us to always stick to and stay with what offers us protection. As a writer, my sword is my pen and I’m sticking to it. Then again, if you are ever going to have my back dear friend, I need to know you can cover it. *wink* Cheers!

*Movie clip credits: http://www.megashare.info/watch-arrow-season-1-episode-13-online-TmpBeE9RPT0

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