When Two Elephants Fight

Nigerian MapI heard this saying when I was really young…I’m not that old either, but I have progressed steadily in the growth department for some years now, don’t let my looks deceive you… and it said “When two Elephants fight, the grass gets hurt.”

For the life of me, what prompted the Elephants to fight? Were they trying to share the forest and one laid claims to more lands than necessary, given the harvest his own end of the forest was bringing? OR Was it a case of wife-snatching? Just my ‘crazy’ mind doing what it knows best, thinking out loud, so as to hear another’s opinion. Not like I will take it o! But then who knows?

Thinking about it, are they not supposed to fight in a ring? Why on the poor grass? Who is their referee? Who organised the fight? All these ‘Whos’ you say, yes I need to know. What brought about the fight? Who stands to gain when the storm is over? Hmmm.

I have seen many DPs and appeal for and against the two main parties in the race. Some are really hilarious 🙂 and gets one thinking when all is said and done, what will we gain from all the bad-blood we have generated amongst ourselves. Why are we letting the Elephants use us to achieve their selfish/unselfish gains? If they are Men enough as they claim, let them speak for themselves. What do they REALLY have to offer us…we have had enough of bogus promises and no show. We’ve had enough of THREATS and actually TERROR. We want our GRASS back and GREEN the way it used to be before all of these madness (including those of years past). I think it is time the GRASS became slippery, so that by the time both Elephants fall and rise from fighting instead of focusing, they will acknowledge HER.

In the meanwhile, February 14th is on the way, what will your vote say? I rest my case…just for today anyway.

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By imanikel

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6 replies on “When Two Elephants Fight”

Fantastic line of thoughts – You’d wish the ‘grass’ can all wise up and pose similar questions, w’ll be a lot closer to regaining freedom.

Not sure about the wife-snatching 🙂 But I think the ‘grass’ have never realised the power they hold, hence they have allowed the elephants to trample. Without them the elephants hold no power…so I’d say big yes to slippery grass!

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My partner in FREEDOM and all things good. 🙂 Thank you for reading this and your comments. How far with our manifesto? The King loves our points, though he said using ‘Change’ in one of the points made us look like we were alluding/consenting to a particular party, but I didn’t agree as the idea is to form ours. Phew.

As for wife-snatching, my inference to that is because they both seem to think (as do other Elephants that haven’t YET succeeded in overthrowing these two) that the affair is a marriage/permanent arrangement to any Elephant that wins the fight; and not a 4 or 8-year relationship and you move on for another Elephant to shake body.

No further comments my lord.

PS: YES TO SLIPPERY GRASS, lets see who can stand the power of well-informed GRASS, who know what to do and when.

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K’de pe lori Olori! you’ll need to bribe the king to get that translated 🙂

I agree with you on using “change’ neither of the party coined the word. We would like something different so the word fits in right. We might have to find a few other words to set us apart.

My take from the Elephants fight is that most do not understand the responsibilities involved, and even when they did, they have never been held responsible for anything, lots of examples around us.

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My dearest FK, your Queen is humbly requesting for the translation or else I will take back my Periwinkle. LOL. Not a threat…but you know how we do it in Naija…no country like ours I tell you! We are sooooo blessed.

Concerning responsibilities, any married man or boyfriend AKA Elephant that does not understand that he is laden with the responsibility of taking care of his bride/wife/girlfriend has no business hanging with the babe.
Meanwhile, babes are not quiet anymore o! Hence this conversation…how do we hold them accountable for our feeding, protection (security), light, education etc.? When they never get to meet with people at the grassroots. You see why our party is different? We will draw in ALL stakeholders (tried and tested, chosen by years of service to the people) and have fruitful dialogues with them.

As for finding new words, I leave that to you my learned friend.

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K’ade pe lori Olori loosely means “May the crown lasts long on the Queen” and I didn’t even ask for upfront translation fee 🙂

Accountability is the word, thank you. You see, the Elephants have always been made to feel much more important than they really are, even if they did venture to connect with the grassroots, they only did around this time when every votes count – remember the Ekiti guy, Fayose and his grassroots saga?

I think lots of responsibilities lie on people to be honest and make informed decision, if someone has been in power for 8 years and it’s all chaos, what is the chance of things being any different if allowed to keep going? The same go for both parties really.

Now, please don’t take my periwinkles away o 🙂

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I’m your campaign manager and I got you votes without charging you…so it’s mutual! Thank you for the translation.

I’m tired talking about these Elephants and their fights. By the way, the chaos was generated by someone who is seeking attention by force. So I’ll comment no further.
Don’t worry the Periwinkles are yours

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