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Tell Me What You Think of Me

Tell Me What You Think of Me

I’m not sure how it started but I think King and King Earl had a Father and Son session and King told him how he thought the world of him. The session usually goes like this:

Earl: Tell me what you think of me?

King: You’re smart, intelligent, brilliant, and handsome and you are the King!

At this point Earl replies too, “I think you’re smart, intelligent, and brilliant and you are the King!”

When he is telling Imani what he thinks of her, he goes: “I think you’re smart, intelligent, brilliant, and beautiful and you are the Princess. I am the King, Daddy is the King and Mummy is the Queen but you are the Princess.”

One day, his father reeled out all the lines and intentionally didn’t add the last one. Earl waited. King delayed and then we heard him say with urgency and a rebuking look “and I’m the King!”

Tell Me What You Think of Me – 2

My sister in-law Esther called some time ago, and requested to talk with Earl. Grudgingly he came to the phone and after the initial response to her “how are you?” he goes, “Tell me what you think of me”. Not knowing the standard response, Esther goes, “you are cute, intelligent, and handsome” and she ends there. For Earl she had left out the most important one, unable to hide his displeasure, he adds with pride “and I’m the King!”

I took the phone from him and tried explaining to Esther the correct sequence, and we laughed over it. So she decided to ask him what he thought of her, and this was Earl’s response: “I’m not thinking of you, I’m thinking of Horses and Dragons.”

Phew! End of call.

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Earl – Defender of Imani

Back home and really tired from the day’s work. I ate a bit of jollof rice and decided to share the calories with my cousin. I noticed Imani’s eyes follow the plate but chose to ignore her. Esther (my cousin) asked her if she was interested and she replied in the affirmative. I sat back and watched them and the TV at the same time. They were circled round the rectangular centre table, Earl was drawing on one end, while Esther and Imani ate on the opposite side.

Imani: Aunty Esther, why are you eating the fish?

Esther: Is it yours? (munching away)

Imani: (protesting) But I want also! (looking upset and helpless at the same time). 😦

I pretended not to notice the altercation and continued with my movie. While the ‘fight’ lasted, Earl (apparently tired of hearing Imani whine helplessly) dropped his pencil, reached out to the plate, took out the remaining fish, “Imani, here you go” and shoved it into Imani’s mouth. Picked up his pencil and continued drawing as if nothing happened.

And yes, he got the needed silence to focus on his drawing, after we finished laughing.

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