Freedom Fridays

Freedom Friday

It’s funny how we start something and later on get pre-occuppied with other stuffs. In my heart, I have written a million Freedom Fridays. Oops I just remembered that I had promised Folakemi that today’s Freedom Friday would be dedicated to King Earl’s painting maybe we will do that next week as I totally forgot to bring the paintings along. It is not a Van Gogh but someday, it will be in a class of its own for that I’m totally convinced. I’m glad SeasonedSistah2 is faithfully maintaining her Freedom Friday. Check out what she wrote today.

So what am I on about today?

Oh lalaIt is easy to tell. VALENTINE and Elections. Yup! Boring combo right? But it’s my day and you have to make do with what I am free about…smiling mischievously to myself. Hahahahahahhahahahaha. I saw all manner of DPs some weeks back when Elections was scheduled for 14th February. Guys were dancing ‘Alanta’, ‘Etighi’ and ‘Shoki’ that Government plus INEC had freed them from the financial travails associated with the day. One wonders who put them under that bondage in the first place. Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock!

If I were a boy (like Beyonce sang) I would get down on my knees (my version) and say, help me precious Jesus, make Elections take place that day!

But none did and now Elections have been shifted. So guess who’s doing that dance now? Well, there are ways to free yourself…check the library or Google and you will see solutions on how to escape spending on Val’s Day.

20150206_12004420150206_120106Now to the Election part of my gist. I was on my way to a function and upon lifting my eyes from my phone, I noticed that they were some dark banners on the way and my colleague mentioned that they were actually someone’s campaign banner that was messed up apparently by the opposition party. I’m wondering how low and dirty will we get before we realise that all these silly acts and actions speak a lot about our true nature to our voting public. Well, redeem yourself and repent from such – you are not scoring any points on our cards if you continue this way. A word is enough for the wise. By the way threats don’t help either!

In a twist of Irony, I caught both parties on camera – check the bus and the poster 🙂 20150206_150045

PS: I don pin, uPin? Let’s pin and stay United for Peace in Nigeria.

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Writer’s Quote Wednesday

#Writer’s Quote Wednesday

Writer's Quote Wednesday_110215Looking through a plethora of quotes I found interesting, my King and I fell in love with this quote by Laurie Halse Anderson form her novel “Speak”. I haven’t read the novel but checking it out on the net, it deals with rape, trauma and other mature details

Being expressive couples ourselves, we found this quote to be true. The mere fact that you have the ability to express yourself and you choose not to, is being equated to death and not a sudden death that makes it easy to bear, but one where you fall off a piece at a time.

I don’t know about other aspects of education, but I know artists love to express themselves (sculptors …like my King or poets like Shakespeare and I wink ) and the power to be able to do that through whatever medium is too awesome to relinquish for slow boring death!

Here’s a toast to all who express themselves and LIVE! KEEP DOING IT!

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Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday on a Friday

You sent me an Angel

Thankful Thursday_120215


We Had An Argument!

Should I really be saying this here?! Should I really be letting others into our business? Not like I don’t care about how You feel but perhaps this will encourage someone else and let them know You don’t do it to them alone, we are all here.

Dear God,
I had perfectly planned all what I was going to say to You this morning, now it seems I’m short of words again. But like I said to the Angel you sent me yesterday, “I’m done talking”…and she tried desperately to convince me why I needed to talk to You and not let the devil win. I must say, I agree with her on not letting the devil win but as per the talking part, I didn’t say a thing because You know that even if I said something to her, it won’t be the truth.

They told me that the “Teacher/Examiner is always silent when the pupil is writing a Test.” Well, so also is the student! Since this Test is taking so long, and You are silent. I chose to be silent too, so I can get my thoughts together and answer the questions correctly. Besides I need to focus. When I said I’m done talking, I meant it and You know. My sister had advised that I Praise. When I got to the Chapel, I cried instead and listened to my fav song. Then Your Angel came.

I know You meant well, I appreciate the hug, the song and the prayers, but please could you send me the answers?

I’ve tried all I know best; Ask, Seek, Knock, Prayed and also in groanings that cannot be uttered but You won’t budge. I feel a lot better today, though drained. And I just wanted You know – that was too much for one person. But who am I to complain, when for every complaint, a Word replies and knocks out my argument. We had an argument yesterday and I’m done talking, everyone else back off!

Your daughter.

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