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Lyrical Monday


Valentine has come and gone for some people who delight in celebrating it only on a special day. For others like me who love Love and do it often…every day is Valentine. So today I’m posting one of my old Valentine poems to celebrate those that live in my heart…. King, you know your poems aren’t this holy, so you are not in the equation. 🙂

Trust 14th Feb. went well for you, but if it didn’t, you have today, tomorrow and all the other tomorrows to celebrate…while you are at it, I yob you!

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Water: Haiku & Simile


Today we begin Writing 201 – Poetry. I posted two poems. this is my very first Haiku, I hope I got it right.

When pressures gets me hot
Your love Like water
Sweeps over, calling its bluff

Water – your many attributes!
Dry and cracked with patterns that make the Sahara look lush
Is one who has waited for your appearing
Like a forlorn lover checking each shadow to see if it’s got that touch
Her gaze to the sun appealing 
For a drop so refreshing.
Your calmness is deceptive, hiding your depths
Your anger burns hotter than a jealous lover
As you carry in your wake breaths
Homes, histories, landmarks leaving no cover
A surge, not refreshing
“You are sweet in a cup” my mummy says
The same which assuages thirst
For she has seen your wanton ways
And acknowledges it not to be your first
Like diamond, water has many intrigues
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