Water: Haiku & Simile


Today we begin Writing 201 – Poetry. I posted two poems. this is my very first Haiku, I hope I got it right.

When pressures gets me hot
Your love Like water
Sweeps over, calling its bluff

Water – your many attributes!
Dry and cracked with patterns that make the Sahara look lush
Is one who has waited for your appearing
Like a forlorn lover checking each shadow to see if it’s got that touch
Her gaze to the sun appealing 
For a drop so refreshing.
Your calmness is deceptive, hiding your depths
Your anger burns hotter than a jealous lover
As you carry in your wake breaths
Homes, histories, landmarks leaving no cover
A surge, not refreshing
“You are sweet in a cup” my mummy says
The same which assuages thirst
For she has seen your wanton ways
And acknowledges it not to be your first
Like diamond, water has many intrigues
© 2015. Imanikingblog. All rights reserved

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  1. Filled with many similes that transport me where you want the reader to be…very nice! Two which stand out for me “like diamond, water has many intrigues”; “your anger burns hotter than a jealous lover”

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