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Animal: Concrete Poetry & Enjambment


Day 4: I’m making it just before the chime clocks 12! It is about Animals, using Concrete Poetry and Enjambment. I hope you were able to decipher the animal here. LOL!

                                         ‘KING EARL & HIS ‘PETS’

                                He started out with ‘reeeeee’ the sound of

                    an elephant, I wondered why as he was little and his desires

quite large I most say. This passion grew as he grew, and one day I heard a ‘neigh’ and   knew something new he had found!

                    From a dislike due                                                  to fright, his dad

                     restructured his                                                      fears and now he

                       treads where                                                           others dread

             and his love from the maned                                 ones, as his drawing fames!

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