Freedom Friday


Today, I pledge to exercise every ounce of freedom I’m entitled to in my world of words and no wars! All in a bid to celebrate the one for whom my world spins and regulates without fail. One who is in sync with the ONE who created us and put us in the same zone to meet and breathe.

Today I declare to you the words you know so true that speak even in languages we have no clue. So you are reminded that though seasons come and go what we share (like I always say) is pure gold. Actually purer than that and that’s a fact!

Today, I stop in the midst of my daily work race…to declare a love so rare. To the one whom I call King and who knows the drumbeats that get me dancing to tunes yet reviewed. I haven’t written lately about the heights you take me in our walk with each other and with God. I know you know, but since it’s with my powers, I remove all covers that the world would appreciate the power (of love) that come from our years of weeding through the rose flowers.

Today, I simply say, I ❤ YOU my King!20150131_185630

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  1. King would say “blessed” rather than lucky. I’m blessed to be loved by him, he’s such a God-sent and makes me laugh a lot! So you have him to thank for some of my smiles. Other people bring out some too … Like you! Thank you Lucile for your very sweet words as always.

    • Thank you SeasonedSistah2, you are one of the few persons that actually read it. Some people saw it and assumed it was his birthday, as if we should only celebrate those we luv on special days alone. LOL

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