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Writer’s Quote Wednesday


Writer's Quote Wednesday_180215Everyone loves the known and the safety it provides, but when a thing is used for what it is not meant to be used for that is an abuse and a reduction in exploring ALL the possibilities innate in it.

Which is why I love this quote by William G.T. Shedd. I believe in exploring every possibility in a thing, I usually do that with my culinary skill. I might not be a ‘Jamie Oliver’, but I love what I do with my dishes and writing!

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Animal: Concrete Poetry & Enjambment


Day 4: I’m making it just before the chime clocks 12! It is about Animals, using Concrete Poetry and Enjambment. I hope you were able to decipher the animal here. LOL!

                                         ‘KING EARL & HIS ‘PETS’

                                He started out with ‘reeeeee’ the sound of

                    an elephant, I wondered why as he was little and his desires

quite large I most say. This passion grew as he grew, and one day I heard a ‘neigh’ and   knew something new he had found!

                    From a dislike due                                                  to fright, his dad

                     restructured his                                                      fears and now he

                       treads where                                                           others dread

             and his love from the maned                                 ones, as his drawing fames!

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Trust: Acrostic & Internal Rhyme


Day 3: Is on Trust. My poem should actually be called distrust but because I started out to create the opposite, I’ll let you be the judge!

Trying to build the bridge across the ridge I
Rescinded on an earlier pledge to be free of love’s subtle sledge
Usurping peaceful currents and bringing torrents of
Slander, the pieces fell from my hands to pieces
Trust was crushed before it began at all!

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Journey: Limerick & Alliteration


Getting more interesting. Here’s day two for you.

Baby on Board

A Baby’s Journey…regardless

Speeding strong along in swift sweaty strides
The first to embrace the egg does so with pride
Concluding a night of pure passion
At times, amid trying tension
And after all the push and huffs, a sweet baby cries

Face in soft skin sucking tits
To gums gnashing the tips to bits
Slam! And the spoon slides
More work and mummy sighs
Sending a frown towards her gift

All grown, gawky and girl-zone cold
As football, video games and cards unfold
One sunny spring a song so sweet
Make lovers dance to untamed beats
Baby’s not baby anymore – if truth be told!

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Lyrical Monday


Valentine has come and gone for some people who delight in celebrating it only on a special day. For others like me who love Love and do it often…every day is Valentine. So today I’m posting one of my old Valentine poems to celebrate those that live in my heart…. King, you know your poems aren’t this holy, so you are not in the equation. 🙂

Trust 14th Feb. went well for you, but if it didn’t, you have today, tomorrow and all the other tomorrows to celebrate…while you are at it, I yob you!

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Water: Haiku & Simile


Today we begin Writing 201 – Poetry. I posted two poems. this is my very first Haiku, I hope I got it right.

When pressures gets me hot
Your love Like water
Sweeps over, calling its bluff

Water – your many attributes!
Dry and cracked with patterns that make the Sahara look lush
Is one who has waited for your appearing
Like a forlorn lover checking each shadow to see if it’s got that touch
Her gaze to the sun appealing 
For a drop so refreshing.
Your calmness is deceptive, hiding your depths
Your anger burns hotter than a jealous lover
As you carry in your wake breaths
Homes, histories, landmarks leaving no cover
A surge, not refreshing
“You are sweet in a cup” my mummy says
The same which assuages thirst
For she has seen your wanton ways
And acknowledges it not to be your first
Like diamond, water has many intrigues
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Freedom Friday


It’s funny how we start something and later on get pre-occuppied with other stuffs. In my heart, I have written a million Freedom Fridays. Oops I just remembered that I had promised Folakemi that today’s Freedom Friday would be dedicated to King Earl’s painting maybe we will do that next week as I totally forgot to bring the paintings along. It is not a Van Gogh but someday, it will be in a class of its own for that I’m totally convinced. I’m glad SeasonedSistah2 is faithfully maintaining her Freedom Friday. Check out what she wrote today.

So what am I on about today?

Oh lalaIt is easy to tell. VALENTINE and Elections. Yup! Boring combo right? But it’s my day and you have to make do with what I am free about…smiling mischievously to myself. Hahahahahahhahahahaha. I saw all manner of DPs some weeks back when Elections was scheduled for 14th February. Guys were dancing ‘Alanta’, ‘Etighi’ and ‘Shoki’ that Government plus INEC had freed them from the financial travails associated with the day. One wonders who put them under that bondage in the first place. Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock!

If I were a boy (like Beyonce sang) I would get down on my knees (my version) and say, help me precious Jesus, make Elections take place that day!

But none did and now Elections have been shifted. So guess who’s doing that dance now? Well, there are ways to free yourself…check the library or Google and you will see solutions on how to escape spending on Val’s Day.

20150206_12004420150206_120106Now to the Election part of my gist. I was on my way to a function and upon lifting my eyes from my phone, I noticed that they were some dark banners on the way and my colleague mentioned that they were actually someone’s campaign banner that was messed up apparently by the opposition party. I’m wondering how low and dirty will we get before we realise that all these silly acts and actions speak a lot about our true nature to our voting public. Well, redeem yourself and repent from such – you are not scoring any points on our cards if you continue this way. A word is enough for the wise. By the way threats don’t help either!

In a twist of Irony, I caught both parties on camera – check the bus and the poster 🙂 20150206_150045

PS: I don pin, uPin? Let’s pin and stay United for Peace in Nigeria.

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