Tuesday Thoughts


Tuesday Thoughts_050515 I am trying to redeem my blogging image by maintaining my writing tempo. Please don’t laugh at me just yet. As writers, we can be so overwhelmed with other matters and because it comes ‘natural’ to you, you think you can just reel it out when it’s that time. But guess what, I have had days that my library of unwritten prose refused to yield and it sets me wondering about life generally. Yesterday I went on a wonder trip and this is what I harvested.

Pray tell, what do you often wonder about and wish you knew why. I’m not saying I don’t have answers to some of these questions o! I’m just wondering why I asked them in the first place. I hope I’m not on a rambling spree this evening. LOL and really hard too.

By the way someone motivated the 2nd line and when she found out that her being upset gave me inspiration, she promised to rejoice WHEN I got upset today, as if to say getting upset wins someone a trophy worth displaying. But you know what (don’t tell her I told you o!), It has helped me check getting upset today as I made sure that all those people who delight in stealing my joy, whom I had given access to upset me didn’t succeed. I am covered by the blood of Jesus! Amen!

© 2015. Frances Kelvin Otung.All rights reserved


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  1. Thank you for stopping by today, motivation to appreciate kind people are all around us.

    I think it is healthy for the spirit and soul to ask questions, not because we delight in moaning but we wanted to know and do better so I’d say ask away sister! 🙂

    May our path be guarded with wisdom.

    • Thank you oooooo! I’m glad there are people like me that question the norm…and want to know why? You have yabbed me FK, I intend to stop by more often LOL

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