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Writer’s Quote Wednesday


Writer's Quote Wednesday_060515I have always loved reading poems or quotes by Dr. Maya Angelou. Mainly because she’s not saying what she says by head knowledge but more from heart and experiental touches. She feels those words, has lived through some and knows first hand what they mean, not just something someone else said.

I love her “Phenomenal Woman” and it motivated one of my poems. Today, I celebrate her in her absence knowing she lives amongst us through words that time cannot erase or water down!

This particular quote shares the responsibility between asking and receiving – the Blessor, the Blessing and the Blessed. You need to ask, expect and your expectation shows via the preparation you put to receiving what you asked for. How bad do you want it?

Come tomorrow, generations unborn will wonder about this great woman and the world she captured through words. Enjoy her world with me.

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An Innocent Plea


SONY DSCAnd she goes with tenderness in her voice so soothing that I had to stop chopping the onions to see what it was all about. Whatever it is must be worth this sweetness and plea, “Please, Please, don’t let it finish!” as her Auntie poured the last part of the cereal into a bowl. Laughing incredulously at her request, her auntie mumbles “…and yet you ate it three times today, refusing every other food”.

3 nights ago, I was given a sermon of how a visit to Big Auntie MF’s house went:

“Mum, auntie gave us Golden Morn Millet, we finished it, and we really liked it.”
“Mhhh hmm”, I replied, knowing that the conversation had just started.
“It is spelt M-I-L-L-E-T-T”, mum is it double ‘TT’.
“No baby” came my reply.
“Okay, so it MILLET. We like it and we want you to buy it for us”.

2 night ago on our way back home from work, we stopped by the shop to enquire and luckily it was in stock. The store attendant promptly informed me it was really nice, to which I replied that I had been told already and ‘commanded’ to buy it. At the paying teller, the store owner wondered why we were back at the shop after just buying some packs of cereal some days back. “My children love cereal a lot and can eat that the whole day” and he replies “no wonder they are looking so well because they eat a lot”. No comments on that one.

By last night a pack was already finished!

I’m not complaining, just seeing through the scenario of how we enjoy the blessings God has given us and when we get to the last scoop we pray “please don’t let it finish”. Fine! This is cereal, but when it is a thing that has the potential to reproduce or grow, do we put it in the right soil and encourage it to grow or do we used it up till it is drained of all its reproducing abilities. It could be your relationship, an idea, your passion etc. I’m sure by the time you think it through, it will hit you.

I have said enough…that’s my 6 year old wishing to prolong the life of her cereal. What’s yours gonna be?

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