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Freedom Friday – That one moment that counts


Interesting topic, right? Well a friend gave me this topic because being an Arsenal fan’atic’, his team switched off at the back in a game they had control over. He is so peeved at them (between you and I, I’m not sure he can kick a pebble…but please don’t tell him I said so). Yet when you hear him and his fellow football ‘analysts’ analyse the men sweating it out on the field, you will wonder why *NFA (Nigerian Football Association) still has Keshi in their employ. Phew

So what am I free about today? Hmmm… Life always brings us opportunities and it is left for us to decided WHAT TO DO, WHEN TO DO IT, and HOW TO MAKE SOMETHING OUT OF IT, being hesitant (most times unnecessarily) makes all the difference in the world. Why did you decide to *toast, *chik, the babe tomorrow, when you could have done it today?! Only for that ‘runaway’ boyfriend to show up and bedazzle her with words, wine and a ‘will you marry me?’ Wake up o! Every moment counts.
One Moment

It is that point in time you suddenly take a left turn and ram into the wall or walk into freedom. I don’t know how you will achieve ensuring that your every moments counts (actually I do, but whether I’m willing to share is another matter…smiling mischievously…oya beg me, I can’t hear you). Well, we women have intuition and everyone has a knowing in them or the Holy Spirit (if you are a believer), one way or the other you will ALWAYS KNOW. But typical of humans to shift it for the next minute.

Okay, where were we? So Arsenal has gotten my friend upset plus Bayern Munich and Real Madrid…What a week! he concludes. What is his business with these other teams by the way? He should think of how to contact Arsene Wenger and give him coaching lessons, if he is that good and allow my ‘poor’ ears to rest.

*toast and chik (whose spelling I’m not sure of) are Nigerian parlance for chatting a girl up with an intention of wooing, ‘deceiving’ or tell her the … she wants to hear. shhhhhh

*NFA – In school, meant ‘No Future Ambition’.

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