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Writer's Quote Wednesday_200515I love…I mean thoroughly enjoy talking with children! And they always say what makes a whole lot of sense to me. So I totally agree with Galileo Galilei’s quote here. Everyone is born with an innate wisdom or ability worth sharing. Sometimes they may be unaware like the lunatic on the street, but if you stop, look and listen to the said and unsaid you will learn something.

My mum or King (can’t remember who said it more) use to say, that the lunatic said, “that being a lunatic is sweet/fun, just that you should be prepared to go the distance and be willing to trek!” Now tell me, is that not someone who knows the intricacies of his affairs, and yet we call him ‘CRAZY’!

Another way to look at this quote is, whatever you do or go through, there is something to learn from it. Whoever is talking to you, listen (if you are willing, I don’t mean you should listen to everyone and spend all the days of your life doing that), but be aware that there is always something to learn whenever or wherever you are! So are you ready to learn?

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Astronomer, Scientist
Birth Date
February 15, 1564
Death Date
January 8, 1642
Monastery school at Vallombrosa, near Florence, University of Pisa
Place of Birth
Pisa, Italy
Place of Death
Arcetri, Italy
Full Name
Galileo Galilei
“The Father of Modern Science”

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