Writer’s Quote Wednesday

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As a poet, most of my really deep and meaningful poems were birthed in the place of pain or some ‘crazy’ experience. Be that as it may, the ones that made you laugh and become filled with ‘awwwwwws’ and all which makes the heart glad, made mine glad too – at the time of writing.

I’m of the School of Thought that a good writer should be able to get the reader or listener feel the emotions the writer or speaker felt while writing or gathering those thoughts, that way you are able to reach out to your audience with purpose and focus.

John Paul Warren, a Pastor, Professor and Philanthropist is so on point here with this quote, so today I celebrate ALL my EXPERIENCES and the lessons that each has taught me. By the way, I learnt one yesterday and now there’s a new me in that aspect (and no I’m not sharing…smiling mischievously as usual). 🙂

What has life’s experiences put you through that has made you so mad and sad that you have REFUSED to learn the lessons in it? Maybe you should try writing a story about it, capturing the end the way you had hoped it would play out. Who knows, it could become a BESTSELLER. I am waiting to read them, just so you know! Its #WritersQuoteWednesday

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