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Weekly Small Pleasures


It’s been a long while I shared my #weekly small pleasures.
I’ve had smiles, hugs, ‘mummy, I love you’ to treasure
Reminders came from friends and family
Telling me how much they mean to me
The Lord chastises those He loves
I could feel this touch as I strove
With the things that made me cry
As I gave it one more try
In all, I am surrounded by all that matters,
People who show to keep my heart from tatters.

I attempted to detox with Pears, Apples, Pawpaw and Watermelon
Tall Glass of Watermelon & Chapman

Had a tall glass of watermelon with ice cubes and filled with a chapman drink another day.

Pictures from: (Photography by Steve Brown)

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Freedom Friday – Speech Games with K.E


King Earl:  Are you a girl?
Imani: (wondering where this is line of questioning is headed) Yes
King Earl:   Am I a boy?
Imani:         Yes
King Earl:   No I’m not a boy, I’m a son!
Imani:         Okay, you are a son.
King Earl:   No! I’m not a son, I’m a Moon
Imani: (Looking at him incredulously)  But you can’t be a Moon, nah.
King Earl:   I don’t want to be a Son again, I’m a Moon.

King Earl:  Mum, (quite innocently) I want to play your Candy Crush.
Me:           This one is difficult, you have to play with strategy
King Earl:  Okay, I will play with ‘stratedy’
Me:            It’s pronounced STRATEGY. Do you know what strategy is?
King Earl:   Yes (still focused and playing his game).
Me:            What does it mean?
King Earl:   So that we will not have any injury.

There it is!

A 3-year old giving me first hand definition of STRATEGY. Yes, he called it ‘Stratedy’, you know how King Earl can be with his pronunciations, he will simply refuse to call it any other way till he’s ready to do that. But his definition is so on point.

Strategy is “the science or art of combining and employing the means of war in planning and directing large military movements and operations.” Another meaning is “a plan, method, or series of manoeuvres or stratagems for obtaining a specific goal or result:” So when my son says “So that we will not have any injury”, he is correct – whether you agree or not. Not strategizing is bound to get you in the path of ‘casualty’ and though he has not been taught that yet in school, he just coined up his own meaning from whatever he figured mum was trying to say.

This and more are one of the many reasons I talk and listen to children – they say it the way it is! It is left for you to figure it out and understand. It is my day of Liberty and this is my prerogative. I’m still strategizing on how to go past that level of Candy Crush (when I have the time). So what’s your winning ‘STRATEDY’ for today?

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Thankful Thursday – For Books


Thankful Thursday_210515I love books!
Filled, Empty, with words or bare…
Colourful but not dreary, novels or journals, all there.
This babe is in love with books.
In these, lie many wisdom and truths, such that sets the mind and heart free
These give me much thrills…
…that I can discover the world beyond her limits
…and connect with others in minutes.
They don’t just beautify your shelf as my pictures testify
But make your life one another book-lover can identify
A toast to books
…and all those that are hooked.

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A Personal Resolve


I am tired of being asked “why are you always looking serious?”, “why is this fine girl always tying her face?” (as if the face were a neck tie or wrapper), “Who annoyed you?” I am not trying to make an excuse for my ‘set-in-stone-most-of-the-time-looks that could probably freeze Medusa herself’. NOPE. I wish people will understand that some of us do not have smiling faces …not that we are always upset with you o! (Except when I’m really upset, even me dey tire for myself…oops I meant face). And probably we are doing some calculations in our minds or just remembered something that had happened just before you passed and this face has gotten nothing to do with you. I’m sure you get the picture now.

So for the sake of national peace and friendly ambience whenever I show up and for my youthfulness to last longer, I have decided to have a smiling face. I will try to mask my disgust and attempt not to puke when I feel like having one. Put up a Smiley Face mask all the time. E go hard o! But I will TRY…‘TRY’ being the definitive word and this means “attempt to do or accomplish, to endeavor to evaluate by experiment or experience, to make an attempt or effort; strive” etc. I just had to put all those definitions, so when you see me looking like this Angry-Smiley-Face-1080x960-990 you quickly remind yourself (before you accost me on my resolution), that she must have something on her mind, she attempted to have a smile on before I met her and it didn’t work. You could ask me about it with real concern in your voice, hand me a pack of some really nice crackers or biscuits (ask me privately and I will tell you the kind I like – wink). Though I’m watching my weight, I don’t mind having a Coldstone ice-cream with sprinkle of nuts and etc. (please meet me for specifications), KFC Chicken has a way of finding its way into my mind and rearranging the wires. You see I’m quite easy to sort out and get out of that mood.

But having done all and the face remains. Advice: pray in tongues and abort every attempt to linger any longer. Simple methods to know if to stay or leave.

Anger draft_lens8529101module74020911photo_1260740523microexpressions-happines

I’m just TRYING to become the new me, not just in words but in deeds. So when next you see me looking upset, ask me about my personal resolve. 🙂 Smiling already as I sign off.

Smiley face:

Angry face:



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Writer’s Quote Wednesday


Writer's Quote Wednesday_200515I love…I mean thoroughly enjoy talking with children! And they always say what makes a whole lot of sense to me. So I totally agree with Galileo Galilei’s quote here. Everyone is born with an innate wisdom or ability worth sharing. Sometimes they may be unaware like the lunatic on the street, but if you stop, look and listen to the said and unsaid you will learn something.

My mum or King (can’t remember who said it more) use to say, that the lunatic said, “that being a lunatic is sweet/fun, just that you should be prepared to go the distance and be willing to trek!” Now tell me, is that not someone who knows the intricacies of his affairs, and yet we call him ‘CRAZY’!

Another way to look at this quote is, whatever you do or go through, there is something to learn from it. Whoever is talking to you, listen (if you are willing, I don’t mean you should listen to everyone and spend all the days of your life doing that), but be aware that there is always something to learn whenever or wherever you are! So are you ready to learn?

Quick Facts from

Astronomer, Scientist
Birth Date
February 15, 1564
Death Date
January 8, 1642
Monastery school at Vallombrosa, near Florence, University of Pisa
Place of Birth
Pisa, Italy
Place of Death
Arcetri, Italy
Full Name
Galileo Galilei
“The Father of Modern Science”

Galileo Galilei’s Picture:

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Tuesday Thoughts


Tuesday Thoughts_190515
Making decisions should be done after careful thinking. My decisions today were taken in the interest of National and World Peace and for sanity’s sake…hehehehehe. But that’s the truth! Not like I made those decisions today o! Deciding to share it with you is what is new. I believe that our daily living should revolve round improving on what we are doing already so in the end …like the onions, there’s another layer waiting to be discovered. I will stop there, if you want more, tell me about your own decision(s). I’m waiting.

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