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Freedom Friday – Nature


Last week Saturday I had great fun with my departmental peeps. Holla @hospitality guys…you are the best team ever! But the highlights of that outing for me was the Canopy Walk. It was my first and definitely not my last. I was praying seriously under my breath whenever the ropes felt shaky and at the same time thanking God that I left the children in the hall and on the field with other children. As I thought to myself, what would I have told King if I carried King Earl and we climbed up and he started crying, wanting to get down…imagining that scene is giving me frights already. So lets leave it at that.

As you can see, I’m glad I did the trip! Here’s to all the brave people that did the walk regardless of their inner fears. You might not know, but you conquered an ‘enemy’ that day and it will be in the history books that you made it! Way to go Obehi, Jessica and Ogoo! LOL

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