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Freedom Friday – My Hair, Her Book and this Toothache

It’s Friday! The usual phrase that goes with it is that “it’s time to let your hair down!” I literally let my hair down and before you go uuhhh, yummy, nice! My ‘hair’, if you remember, is pure African, Kinky and hard to unwind, Going from glory to glory, Full, Black, Looking small until pulled out-kinda-hair. Yup, I let it down or you would say I let it run wild!
I loving the fact that I don’t have to carry someone else’s hair…apologies to all my pretty sisters that love their weaves and attachments (you really look lovely) but I love my freedom. I’m free from the extra weight (my own hair has its volume by the way), loss of frontal hair and heat from dryers – to an extent though. So this is me and the Heritage on Wednesday during the rains

Imani was behind me but managed to give her really warm smile :) that I <3
Imani was behind me but managed to give her really warm smile 🙂 that I ❤
You should suspect by now that King Earl won't take a 'normal' pix
You should suspect by now that King Earl won’t take a ‘normal’ pix

and me today with my hair down.

Surely by now you must know I love books and writing. I look forward to seeing my book in someone’s hand someday soon, but till then (and after then), I will keep reading books that are lovely to behold and full of wisdom. Books that maintain their fun as I read up on their serious matters (content).

Shaunti FeldhahnLife is too serious already, so I love reading writers that know how to infuse humour into their work even if it’s a horror book ( I don’t like horrors o) or a book on numbers (even my dad knows I run from numbers), which you can make fun to read. I tell people I got through my Maths exams by answering them in English and they laugh. Of course they think I’m joking, but that’s the truth. So right now I’m going back to finish up on the book (For Women Only – what you need to know about the inner lives of men by Shaunti Feldhahn) I started months back. I can be like that, especially if I enjoy what I’m reading, I take my time. I will fill you in on what I love about the book as I go on. Deal? Deal!

I watch them wince and hold onto the side of their jaws and wince some more. I can only say ‘SORRY’. And imagine (or try not to imagine) the magnitude of their pain. Now I am in that category.

Back in secondary school, my English teacher Mrs. Umoetuk gave an incomplete sentence and asked us to complete it. No one knew the answer. Perhaps they knew but were too scared to say it, peradventure they got it wrong – trust my colleagues to laugh the living daylights in and out of you! So it was better to keep quiet and look smart. Don’t duck or hide or else she’ll call you. You could try looking at the ‘bright’ ones and pray one of them will speak up before she or any of the other teachers picked on you for solution.

I knew the answer and I spoke up “This toothache is driving me crazy!” It was just a sentence back then, but now I TESTIFY!

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