Freedom Friday – Nature 2


Some weeks back we had gone to play with nature but I didn’t post all the pictures. Today, I’m posting some more and besides it’s Freedom Friday so I get to do anything I like whilst secretly hoping you would enjoy it too.

img_0832By the way, Seasoned Sistah 2 is taking a journey down her overcoming all the stress from battling with Rheumatoid Arthritis, the side effects of the drugs, and a journey to come out victorious.It’s a journey and we will walk with her through this LiveJournal. I won’t say much, you’d need to read it up for yourself about this amazing woman that defies pain and fear and is still standing.

Reading through her Freedom Friday, she listed spending a little time with nature, so we will give her a bit of nature today! Hope you like it Seasoned Sistah 2.

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  1. Imani, you are right on time with the photos. The weather has been so hot, 97 degrees, in Florida; and, I am not a hot weather person having relocated to this state from the cold winters and mild summers of Wisconsin. So, for the past three days I have had to rely on viewing nature from my rear patio early in the morning before the sun gets too hot. And, lo and behold, you send me beautiful nature photos to view from the comfort of my air conditioned home. All were interesting, especially, the turtles and was that a peacock. I remember as a very little girl visiting my great-grandfather in the south where peacocks roamed the yard and spread their beautiful wings. I added this page to my reader so that I can visit nature in your country whenever I choose. Thank you. Thank you.

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    • AWWWWWWW I’m smiling and glowing that these pictures made all the difference. So you know what, whenever I see more beautiful pictures of nature I will send to you. Big Hugs to you!
      You were the inspiration behind Friday’s post. ❤


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