Lyrical Monday



My heart beats with the rhythm of love
With the songs like one from above
The sounds…
The steps…
With colours that reflect light
Making it so full of life.

Each pump sets my pulse racing
So alive and anticipating
As the throbbing pulse of the drums
And the simple way a guitar in strum

The regular pattern
Really does matter
More like an assurance
Rather than insurance
It needs to beat in sequence
Or face dire consequence

My heart is strong
And feels no wrong
As it is strung on hope
And not flung alone

As each day awakens
My heart is not shaken
…Through the night
My eyes saw no light
My ear though open
Heard nothing spoken

My senses were alert
And the feeling right
Cos my heart was alive
And beating to the rhythm of life.

© 2002. All rights reserved

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