Photo 101 Weekly Photo Challenge

Photo Rehab #10 – Up Close & Bangles

Up Close & Bangles! My sister has these wide range of really lovely Indian bangles that she sells and they come in beautiful vibrant colors. Pleasing to the eyes and a treasure to have. I took shots of some for my last week’s Photo challenge. What do you think about my Close Up?

By the way, I’m taking it to the #PhotoRehab Clinic, it could do with some of these colors!

Β© 2015. Frances Kelvin Otung. All rights reserved

By imanikel

...a fresh slate or paper is a delight to behold, it practically beckons to me...begging to be utilized! With eyes that see and appreciate beauty in the midst of a crazy scenery...hands swift to pen what my 'wonder-filled' mind conjures! My name is Frances

10 replies on “Photo Rehab #10 – Up Close & Bangles”

Ha, Queen. I love shades of green. White is lovely too and it’s time of the year to look angelic in white.

I pledge to Nigeria, my country to be faithful, loyal and honest o! πŸ™‚ Writing this, I feel how come it is the minions like us that respect these powerful words?

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I knew it had to do with being true to who you are! For King, those words are the most powerful words any Nigerian could say and live by. But these days we just say it…and that’s if some of us know what the words are anymore. Really sad!

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