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Freedom Friday – Partners in ‘Crime’

Another Freedom Friday and yet another interesting topic, 
as it relates to our society. What's your take?

“Peroh, siddon make we yarn!”

“Bros J, afraid too dey catch me whenever you sey make I siddon, wetin don happen again? Those people for compound find ya trouble for tap? You know sey I no go waste time to arrange person!” he concluded, looking away upset and wondering why Joshua was always this calm. Additionally, since his return from that journey 3 days ago, Bros J had been acting funny. Fine, he is not the loud type, but what kind of leader always allowed the opposition to get away with writing/saying rubbish about him and his ideologies in the press, via BB and Twitter and he won’t bother responding or defending himself.

“Peter! Peter!!” Joshua’s voice brought him back to reality from his dream world. “As I was saying, it is not every battle that you must fight, sometimes you let things go – for peace’s sake. Remember our party is not like the others. We are called to win people to the path of peace.”

“Bros J, abeg abeg, no let me vex with you! Which kain yeye peace? Okay see that BB broadcast wey Romz Party send yesterday, nah true? Oya ansa me, nah true? How will the people be able to believe in what we have to say, when such lies are being traded about us and what we stand for and yet you say not to do anything. They twisted what you had said at the rally for their benefit and you say, ‘Peroh, hold your peace!’”

“Yes, Peter, hold your peace!” Standing up and pacing to the other side of the room, he turns to him, “I could have gotten a bullet-proof car with open roof and ridden like the rest, made Aso-ebi T-shirts and native outfits, sprayed money to sway the people heart towards us, but that is not why we are here. Or is that why you are here?” (Pensively) “I have told you our mandate is different. Yes, I said I have not come to bring Peace but War, you of all people should know how reverse psychology works. My fight is to war against all the wrong and ills of society, thereby bringing peace in the end.”

(Noise and arguments begin outside… )
“You cannot enter this house”
“Officer, get this riff-raff out of the way!” someone barks out the command
(Shuffling and heavy breathing between people outside.)
“You no dey hear? I sey you no go enter here. Period”
Peter pulls back the curtains to see what caused the fracas and he received a slap at the same time which sends him staggering back, Peter tries to steady himself and clear his head before deciding if it was a dream or not.

“Adamu! Adamu!! Show! Point out your leader make me waka from here.”
Adamu walks with uncertainty towards Bros J, stealing side glances at Peter and plotting to duck or make a dive for the door should Peter make any move. It happened as in a split second, by the time Peter got a hold of himself and realised that Adamu had brought the enemy to take Joshua away, Adamu had already hugged him and kissed his cheek as was their customary greeting in the party. Peter made to attack Adamu, but Bros J’s straight back and soft response to Adamu’s gesture stopped him in his track. “Is that all there is to our friendship?”partnership

Forgetting that he was discussing ‘Peace’ earlier with Bros J, he picks the bottle of Fanta on the table and smashes on the wall. “See this Olopa oooo! Dem send you?” and before Joshua could say anything Officer Dim’s ear was on the floor.
Bros J picked the ear, cleaned it and stuck it back and it became as before, except that Officer Dim’s shirt had blood stains, you would not believe something had happened to him. The crowd that had thronged to see what will become of Bros J and his party of so-called peace-seekers gasped in amazement.

“You see, we said it o! This man uses charms. How else did that ear stick back?”
“You don’t know that all these politicians are the same and yet he hides behind the guise of peace”
“Please send me the video, I need to upload it fast fast on Facebook!”

“Peroh, maintain.” And Joshua allowed himself to be led away pending the court-sitting. And Peter followed him from a distance.

Luke 22: 24- 54

Words in Pidgin English:
1) Peter, sit down, let’s talk
2) Bros J, I become afraid whenever you say we should discuss, what has happened again? Did the tenants prevent you from making use of the tap? Tell me and I will deal with them quickly.
3) Bros J, please, please don’t upset me! What kind of silly peace is that? Take for instance, the BB broadcast that the Romz Party sent out yesterday was it true? Go ahead and answer me, was it the truth?
4) Didn’t you hear me? I said no access.
5) Adamu, Adamu, step forward and point out your leader, let’s leave here.
6) See this Policeman, did someone instigate you?
7) Peroh, behave yourself.

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© 2015. Frances Kelvin Otung. All rights reserved