5 Signs That You Need to Break Up With Your Friends

5 Signs That You Need to Break Up With Your Friends

I’m not planning to break up with the friends I have presently, but its a good read and everyone needs to shapen up or take a walk :). Thanks Berryduchess


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While I am aware that not all romantic relationships are meant to last, I had a different perspective when it comes to friendship. Naive, I know, but I thought it was possible to be friends with everyone and keep it together until we get old and gray. But like any relationship, some are not meant to last and some are meant to be ended. So how do we know when it’s time to leave the friendship and go on with our own lives?

Here are some telltales that maybe it is time to break up with your friend/s:

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  1. I went over to berryduchess to finish the article.

    I agree it is a good read, sometimes when friendship has outrun its cause, then we see incompatibilities – sign to let go before hurting anyone’s feelings.

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