Writer’s Quote Wednesday on a Thursday


Writer's Quote Wednesday_120815 Today’s quote for WQW is based on Time and its ability to function as Light. I have thought about these quotes and the more I think about them the deeper meanings I come to understand.

Take for instance, if you plant a corn seed and claim it was a bean seed, give it time, the truth will unveil. As a writer, take time to cook up what you want your audience to eat. Make sure that it is well prepared, after several thoughts and edits – send it out. The purpose of that article will be revealed with time in the life it affects.

What’s your understanding of these quotes?

© 2015. Frances Kelvin Otung. All rights reserved


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  1. I like your interpretation of time as planting and waiting to see the effect.

    I planted tomato seeds months ago, I watered it religiously, in time they grew and I separated the plants, all along I was expecting tomatoes but later found out I had planted puppies 🙂 They were really beautiful with the red colours brightened my garden for weeks 🙂

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