#Writer’sQuoteWednesday on a Thursday


Its WQW on a Thursday (as usual for me 🙂 ) I chose this quote for one reason viewed in many parts.

Thankful Thursday_190815For one, it tells you that what really matters in the end is the LIFE in your years and it hit me that the years spent on this side of eternity is made up of several lives per person …. And what do I mean by that. Take me for instance, I have a life as a mother, a daughter, a sister, a girlfriend, a writer, a believer etc. Have I truly lived these several aspects of my life or I just got tired of one and let it become obsolete.

Today, I will encourage you to live each life to the brim, you hear me, to the brim. So that when your years are complete, you will have no regrets and neither will the people around you or the world at large, so creation can testify that Frances made a mark! By the way, am still here and doing it…slowly maybe, but surely!

How about you?

Picture source: http://itsgr9.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Abraham-Lincoln-.jpg

©2015. Frances Kelvin Otung. All rights reserved


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  1. Hahahahahaa Colleen and her love for my quotes on Thursdays. It is lack of time that makes me write them on Thursday and I almost didn’t send in one last week, but God. Glad I did.

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    • Hello Vashti, sorry I’m just getting to respond. Been away from my blog for a while.

      I discovered the truth I shared, while writing on the quote myself and it never occured to me to look at life that way till that day.

      Yes, I have always heard this quote by Mr. A. Lincoln but that day it was different. Thank you for your comments and that it made so much sense to you too!

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