Writer’s Quote Wednesday


It’s another week for motivation for writers and those who read and the silent ones who are writers at heart. All you need is a dose of motivation, stop over @Colleen’s WQW and get fired up.

Writer's Quote Wednesday_260815 We readily want to share our world with our readers, but what kind of world would you offer your reader if you haven’t experienced it yet? Like Colleen is forever talking about seeing magic in daily life, she says it so often that one begins to look a lot deeper and see beyond the natural.

Today, I charge you to have an experiential knowledge of any and every thing you desire to share, before sharing – that way, your writing is convincing and inviting enough to make me hurry before you (the writer) to the next page.

Dear reader, I hope we get to meet and satisfy your need…it’s sometimes really hard you know but hey, that’s why we rub minds at the WQW…enjoy!

© 2015. Frances Kelvin Otung. All rights reserved


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  2. “…but what kind of world would you offer your reader if you haven’t experienced it yet?” – I like this bit Queen, makes me realise the beauty of imagination.

    When we can imagine been on other person’s shoes, I believe it helps a lot.

    • Thank you my President. Really experiencing it makes it convincing when you are telling others about it. Whether real or imagined. Feel it through your every pore before you release it.

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