#Writer’s Quote Wednesday

Writer's Quote Wednesday_090915 Dreams come from a multitude of thoughts, what were your thoughts during your waking moments? Dreams come when you are sleeping or in a state of ‘inactivity’. Now I’m not talking about passive inactivity, but a vibrant active one that allows you put your inputs in what you dream up.

Knowing this, you can easily agree with Pastor John Paul Warren that a TRUE dreamer is one who knows how to navigate in the dark. A True Dreamer does not need light because the light shining on his path and leading him in the right direction is coming from within. It is aligning with the purpose in him and saying, “put your foot here not there, turn left not right, go back not sideward” it is constantly directing his every step. If perhaps he makes a wrong move, a True Dreamer will not feel that move resonate within him nor will he get that satisfying feeling.

So who are you? OR who do you want to be? Let go of the lights, close your eyes and open them up in your dream world. Walk through the lengths, the flowers, the storms, the breeze, the frights and do your mix coming up with a special brew that’s just YOU! Sweet dreams darling <3, remember it’s WQW with Colleen!

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