#Writer’s Quote Wednesday

Unless you are truly blind ( no insult to the visually impaired), by this I mean unless you are truly numb to any and everything happening around you – meaning you are dead – there is no way you will not find inspiration! It’s in the ‘silly’ conversation with a child or a joke, the inscription on a car or a billboard or in a serious conversation that involves intellectuals. It is always there.

Today I take my quote from the very BOOK, the Bible. Pardon me if you are not a fan, but I can’t help it. And it says…

Writer's Quote Wednesday_281015

And I’m thinking…that is pure undiluted truth, words of wisdom and inspiration hitting us right in the face. Man is likened to grass which will wither (sooner or later). You may be remembered, depending on the impact you made (positively or negatively) but to be remembered for a really long time…

WRITE IT DOWN and send it out!

Document what it is you want to share. Make it something that will not make you cringe if you were to wake up from the dead and read it or hear it. Shakespeare has been long gone. Dr. Myles Munroe has moved on, but the words they wrote, shared, are still being used daily – almost. Remember, “words create, send your words out with purpose.” That’s my creation to you today!

*Colleen is a bit busy this period but we wish her much grace as she moves and settles in. Check out what she’s been up to at #WQW

© 2015. Frances Kelvin Otung. All rights reserved.

By imanikel

...a fresh slate or paper is a delight to behold, it practically beckons to me...begging to be utilized! With eyes that see and appreciate beauty in the midst of a crazy scenery...hands swift to pen what my 'wonder-filled' mind conjures! My name is Frances

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